When should I start using opk's?

Hi girls,

Have decided to use opk's this month as a bit clueless with my long cycles so thought I would help myself a little...dilemma is not sure what cd I should start using them...on CD12 now and last 2 cycles have been 42 days...difference this month is taking metformin so that may shorten my cycle...already having a few pains down in that region..could these be ov pains? CM is increasing after nothing after AF for a few days...what do you girls think? Have plenty of opk's as ordered tons from amazon lol...


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  • Smep says to test once a day from cd10. But it sounds like you have quite long cycles, even so if you have lots of opks I'd start now.

    I've not used them but I read you should test in the afternoon having not drunk anything for 4 hours I think it was. Good luck xx
  • hello there

    i think as you have started meds i would be inclined to start to test from now esp as you are having CM, good luck x
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