Hello ladys

Morning all,

Well i feel like i should call myself out as we have no BD :lol: in a few days.... And not looking like any for a few either......

I spent a while in hosp yesterday and am having a CT scan 2mro and i am so worried.... I have been having headaches everyday and now a doc has finally listening to me i am bricking it image

They pocked around with my eyes for 3 image hours yesterday.......

I am CD15 no sign of OV im using OPK had no ewcm or pains.... it wouldnt be the 1st time i OV'd around cd18 but i cant help at stress at the scan :cry:

And way ladys i have no pma today and i am pooping myself incase they find something thats giving me headaches !!!

gems xxxxx

P.S CONGRATS to any BFP i have missed as i havent been on in a few days image


  • Hi Gems,
    I think given the circumstances you have every excuse to have not BD'd much and I don't blame you with all the stress you are under at the moment!! I'm sorry to hear you've been in so much pain!! You need to concentrate on getting yourself well now and I know it's hard but you need to put ttc at the back of your mind for now. Hopefully you'll ov late this month and still be in with a chance??

    Hope the scan goes well tomorrow hun and heres a (((hug))) from me. Keep us posted on how you are xxxx
  • Thank you Jackie image xx
  • Wow, that would defo stress me out. If you're anything like me I instantly start to imagine the worst case scenario and panic myself even more!

    Do they give you the results straight away? Could it be that you need to wear specs (or change your prescription?) I know things like that give me headaches.

    Lots of luck, let us know how it goes xx
  • Good luck honey i hope you can get some answers.

    Im so sorry you are so stressed-which must be a cycle as that wouldnt help your head.

    I hope everything goes well, and they are very kind and answer your questions.
  • Hey hun, hope your scans go ok and that all you need are a good pair of glasses! Sometimes stress and diet can cause horrendous migraines, I used to get about three a week before I chnaged my diet. (((((hugs))))) xxx
  • Hi hun

    Just wanted to wish you luck for your scan and hope everything is ok (hugs) xx
  • Thinking off you and am really hoping that the scan goes well and it's nothing serious x
  • Thinking of you Gems, hope everythings ok.

  • had my scan and i was bricking it........
    than i was told i had to wait 4 weeks for a appointnent to see my head/eye doc..... and i have an app in 3 days image

    Have spent a few days crying and i am so scared at what will happen...........

    I am having a glass of wine and ment to chill out x
    but i cant stop going over it all

    Havent bd and reallt dont think there will be a bfp for me xx
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