How are my fellow 2WW'ers doing? [color=red][b]1 BFP so far!

Hello to my fellow 2WW'ers (Angel, MrsCake, Mrslolly and anyone else who wants to join us!),

Just wondered how you're all feeling and getting on? Any symptoms?

I'm 7DPO today and temp still high. Been having odd twinges/pains and pulling sensations in my right side and above my pubic bone over the last couple of days and couldn't stop peeing last night. Nipples are a little sensitive (but not half as bad as they usually are at 7DPO). Got green veins on my right boob, but apart from that, not a lot.

Here's the link to my FF chart if any of you want to take a peek:

Trying not to worry that I haven't got many symptoms as many of the ladies on here have had BFP's without any symptoms at all.

Let me know how you're all doing.

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  • Hi...

    Can I join? I *think* I am 1DPO so I now officially in the 2ww however still not finished the SMEP yet!

    Not got any symptoms as yet, but I know I will SS so no point kidding myself otherwise. image

  • Hi Curls - course you can join us! We can keep each other sane! xxx
  • Or make each other worse image

    *whispers* I have a mental baby head most of the time, never mind in 2ww :lol:
  • God and me! I drive my OH mad looking at pushchairs, clothes, nursery furniture, bottles, breast pumps, sterilisers - the list just goes onnnnnn! xx
  • I keep giving my OH little bits of information at a time, as to not bombard him image

    Trying to get him on bored with SMEP was funny...but he got there in the end!!!

    Although I dont think he realises just *how* much I think about it! image xx
  • Hi guys can I join?!
    11dpo today, temps still high, naughtily tested this morning, bfn of course. This time last month my temps were dropping rapidly, seem to have a short lp.
    Symptoms so far, sensitive bbs (only when take bra off), no cramps (unusual), apart from little stitch type pains low down on the left, lower backache, bloody exhausted even though I haven't done anything.
    There, done! lol! Baby brain mad at the minute, poor hubby! xxx
  • Hi cass, course you can join. Glad to hear the temps are still high - good sign. Keep us posted on this topic.
    Take care xx
  • Can I be part of this team too? No real symptoms, real or imagined!! Hoping that's not a bad sign.....just have to wait I suppose

    fingers crossed for us all x
  • Hi sun-shine - welcome to the '2WW Team'! What DPO are you?
  • Meant to say that your ff chart looks positive Donna, how do you post them? x
  • HI ladies can I join? I think i'm only around 1/2dpo as had +ve opk 2 days ago and since then they've still had a line, but no strong enough to be +ve. This is only our second month but have been charting and lurking for 18 months so am very impatient!
  • I'd love to join you too if you'll have me!!! I'm not totally sure but I think I'm 5dpo today and I know I'm probably reading too much into things as its so early but I have had stitch like pains this afternoon and have loads of spots which i never normally have at this stage of my cycle.... could be down to excess chocolate eating?! But it's going to be a long few days til testing and would love some company xx
  • Hi there,

    I'd love to join you if I'm allowed. Don't often get a chance to pop online for long!

    Hope you're all doing well ladies. I got a +ive OPK last Sunday a.m. was still +ive when I checked Sun p.m. and also when I checked Monday a.m.! I have gone through more tests than I care to mention! Bit obsessed sorry!!

    Perhaps that makes me roughly 5dpo but not sure really. Have had some lower backache today but not much else.

    Wishing everyone the best of luck for this month.

    Fingers crossed and baby dust to all xxx
  • hi girls, im only 3dpo now (as i had to wait so bloody long for the only thing that i have to post is no af cramps which started at 3dpo last month so finers crossed.xxxx

  • Hi sun-shine - welcome to the '2WW Team'! What DPO are you?

    Hi, I'm not really sure as we are only meant to be 'casually' ttc so I haven't counted it all up properly. The first date of my last AF was 5th Jan but as I only came off the pill in Nov I'm not sure how long my natural cycle is. Ive just plugged in the dates assuming a 28 day cycle into an internet site and it seems to say my fertile days would be 16th Jan to 21st Jan. I know this is probably not a very accurate way of working things out though! I know we were quite "active' around that time too as one thing I have kept a note of is the dates of my af and also the dates we bd'd. I think we were hoping just taking it easy would work for us but I know if I don't have any success then I'll have to be a bit more calculated.

    Hope I don't sound like a complete amateur!

    Any advice would be gratefully received
    J x :roll:

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  • Please can I come and play too!?

    I'm down to 1ww - and it's KILLING me! I am SS like crazy. I have been shattered all week (although I have started 2 new jobs this week), boobs are tingling and have started leaking a tiny bit (which could be left over from when I breastfed Abby - but they haven't leaked for over 6 months now!) I am getting fluttering sensations and twinges, and I just creid for an hour over nothing. I want to POAS now - but I know I should wait really.

    Oh and most of all, my niece (who is 2 and half) pointed to my stomach and said "there's another abby in there". They do say children are very perseptive don't they?

    Arggghhhh! This is horrible!

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  • opps - double post.

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  • Hi lovelies! May I join too?! Not sure what dpo I am on, but I think I ov-ed last weekend, but still guesstimating my cycle. No real symptoms, but a fair old bit of cm, some of it's ew, some is just plain old cm. Got sensitive nipples, but not sure if it's just my mind playing tricks.
    I am not feeling very positive about this month at all, so I have just eaten my body weight in junk food, and topped it off with 2 glasses of wine!
  • good for you ruthiespoon, but dont give up hope just yet. i was going to have a glass of wine tonight but couldnt face it.

    oh and girls i m logging a symptom that i didnt know was one. i have a random runny nose, no cold or anything just a runny nose. supposedly some women have a runny nose from
  • I have really chapped lips! Do you think that could be a sign?
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