Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say hello, as I'm new here and I've never posted before (anywhere!). I've been looking at the site for a while and it looks like there are some very friendly and helpful people and I think you will probably understand how I feel.

My husband and I have been TTC for a year now and I'm 38. My first appointment for tests at docs is Friday and J goes to hospital tomorrow for his. However, I am feeling really low today as we went out for my works dinner last night and met my ex (I met my husband and married him v. quickly, but I was seeing this other guy for several years before that). My ex and his new wife are pregnant and it was obviously a honeymoon baby. I am trying to be happy for them (and I am!), but it was actually quite hard not to be jealous. Well, actually I should say it shouldn't I? I AM jealous. We have been trying so hard for so long and I am beginning to think it won't happen. I wouldn't swap my husband for the world, but I do feel like a failure. Any positive thoughts anyone?


  • Hi smileycat, welcome to TTC! Hope you appointments go well tomorrow image
  • hi hun, hope everything goes well and you dont have to wait much longer for your bfp.xxx
  • Hi sweetie

    there is no way on earth that you are a failure, your time will definitely come soon! I read on several internet sites that it can take the average healthy couple a year to conceive, so you're not unusual.

    (((((Hugs))))) babydust and loads of PMA!!!! xxx
  • Welcome hun and I hope that you get your BFP soon, also I hope that we have the same strength and determination that you and your hubby have endured during 12 months of trying for a baby as it is a long time, however, like cass82 says the average healthy couple take up to 12 months so please dont lose PMA or sight of hope have faith and it will happen for you both x
  • Welcome chick, sorry to hear that it's taking a bit of time but I'm sure it's going to happen for you soon. Getting the tests done will hopefully just prove that everything is in working order and then you can relax a bit and wait for it to happen. Good luck with all the tests anyway and let us know how you get on. Oh, and you are totally normal being jealous - I get jealous just over random women in the supermarket with their bumps or their gorgeous babies, so in your situation it's even more understandable!!!.x.
  • Thank you so much everyone for your comments. It feels good to have people who know how I feel. I think my husband thinks I'm mad - and getting madder by the second. He's a bit nervous about tomorrow and I'm really terrified about Friday, but as trixie85 said at least we'll know if everything is in working order. Wouldn't it be great if we all get BFP for Christmas?
    Thanks for all the good wishes. It is so nice to talk to people about this. We haven't told anyone we are trying as we don't want to add to the pressure - so THANKS SO MUCH!!
  • Hey Smileycat,

    Welcome to BE. Good luck with the tests, I'm sure everything will go just fine for you.

    Oh and I'm with Trixie, I have days where I completely feel jealous of any poor random pregnant lady/new mum I see :lol:

    Do let us know how you get on with the appointments x
  • Hi Smileycat, like you, my DH and I haven't told anyone that we are TTC so I get to rant on here as much as I want to.

    Good luck to you & your hubby with your hospital appts, I hope everything is in working order...I echo other poster's comments that it can take an average couple upto a year to conceive, so you aren't out of the ordinary.

    Good luck and I hope you get a BFP soon xx
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