PMA is in the house!!!

I've decided that seeing as on cd61 and lots of bfns and no af that there is still hope yet.... So have decided that if I get as much bd'ing as possible then I could still catch! So i have lots of PMA and if anyone needs me to send some over to them - here it is xx:lol:


  • Have plenty thanks but can give you lots of babydust if you like, here ************************************************************************sprinkling liberally and keep up the pma hun
    Filo x

  • Hi taffygirl. Glad to hear you have plenty of pma. Would love to share some of that if you don't mind? Need some will power if you have any of that too as i'm planning to test on weds if no sign of the evil one and although the last week and a half have been hard, this last few days is SO much worse!!! xxxxxxx
  • Hi smiles.... sending lots and lots of pma down the cable as I type!!! Also sending will power (itwon't make any difference I know) but just think a few more days and then if no af by thurs at least when you test it's more likely to be a true account (come on bfp!!!) rather than testing now and maybe being disappointed - so there is lots on it's way to you - watch out !!! xxxxx
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