Am I or not....????

Hey ladies

I have been lurking here for a while but haven't posted yet! We are currently on our first month TTC, I came off the pill a couple of months ago and was not expecting anything to happen the first few months as i know it can take a while for your body to get back to normal.

Anyhow, my last cycle was 33 days and i am now currently on day 35 of my second cycle - i did a PG test Monday afternoon and it was BFN - but today still no AF so decided to test again first thing, i wasnt expecting anything but there definitely is a faint line on there - BFP, i text my other half a photo of it (lol) and he said he can see something! So got all excited and thought i would do another test about half an hour ago and it came up as BFN......!!

Do you think that this morning was my BFP and that i am still to early on for it to be picked up other than in my first morning pee or was the test playing tricks on me???

What shall I do??? Any advice gratefully recieved!!!

Thanks so much



  • hi what sort of tests are you using? if its the ebay dip style ones i would recommend using another brand.

    if your positive test was with first pee of the day it will be a stronger concentration and would show a + result better than pee from later in the day.

  • It was a Sainsbury's test. Do you think i should get a Clearblue one and try again tomorrow morning??

    Thanks for your reply

  • Hiya

    I believe that any line is a positive hun!
    But yes buy a branded test and do it again 1st thing tomorrow morning!

    Good Luck and hope it is a BFP!! xx
  • Thanks MrsJohnstone, I keep going to check the test from first thing this morning to check that the line is there and that i wasnt imagining it....I am crazy!!

    Will definitely go and get a CB one later and test with it first thing tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

  • or try a first response as they are supposed to be quite sensitive!! have heard good reports about them!! good luck xxx
  • Clearblue aren't very sensitive, heard mixed views about First response but lots of good things about the superdrug ones.

    Fingers crossed for you.
    Sharon x

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