TTC - came off the pill on Monday - anyone else similar?

Hi ladies
I took my last pill on Monday and my withdrawal AF arrived today so cant wait to start TTC. Would love to join chats with anyone else in same position. Very excited, very nervous!!!!!!


  • hiya hun i actually came off the pill 6mths ago but only now ttc, my cycles still arent regular but fingers crossed!

    Good luck hun! xx
  • Hi mummy2mypricess
    Thanks for replying I hope you have luck soon, I went to see my nurse and she said although its often recommended to wait for normal cycles many people do and many people dont and it only makes due dates easier. I asked if its ok to just go for it and she said perfectly safe. Are you taking Folic acid - ive just started to.
  • Hi FF,
    Welcome to TTC x
  • Hi minifig
    Thank u
  • Yeah im taking folic acid and ive just ordered some OPK's from ebay to give me some idea of when is best to bd!
    I only stopped the pill last august coz i know we were going to ttc in the new year so i thought i mite as well stop!
    I came off the pill to ttc dd two years ago and my cycles were normal straight away and i got my BFP without much effort, hope im as lucky this time!

  • Welcome! I came off the pill last month and started TTC straight away. I got a BFP the first month when I had my little girl Lily so fingers crossed it's that quick again this time!

  • thanks jellyfishpink, fingers crossed for us all
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