How are my fellow SMEP'rs doing?

I have followed it to the T so far. BD every other day from CD4 and today is a BD day and i got my PEAK!!!!!! Didnt think it was going to happen. Usually have peaked by CD12 and today is CD16. Will do the deed tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, day off Monday and then another one for good luck. How are you all doing? Is anyone due their peak anytime soon? I will be looking for someone to ss with. I usually start at about 4DPO. I'm bad i know!! xxx


  • hi - i am doing this, this month! got af at mo though, so a bit behind you all! not sure what my cycles are, as this is 1st af - but going to ov test every day from cd8.
    will bd every other from cd4ish - cant wait to see that BFP - PMA!!!! xx
  • I've been following this plan, it gave me a BFP last month (1st month of SMEP) but it didn't stick, so i'm trying again, we've bd'd on cd's 6,8,10,12,13,14,16 & 17, i'm CD18 today and got a +opk on day 17 so 2 more days to go!! I must say i'm knackered and looking forward to a good nights sleep :lol:
    Good luck with ttc, hope you get your BFP's this month xx image
  • hi hun, we are loosely following smep this month as i am not opking or anything but we bd last night and will do every other day & every day round about when i start getting my ov

    Hi babahunny, click on the abovelink, it will explain all x
  • I'm smeping! Currently on cd15 and due ov on Tuesday hopefully xxx
  • Yay there are a few of us. I'm feeling positive this month despite my raised fsh level!!! What i am going to to a bit different this month is carry on bd even after ov just in case the egg gets a bit delayed. Other months we have taken a 4 night break. Hope smep brings us all our BFP's this month.

    Really sorry you didnt have a sticky bean Dotty Jackie sending you lots of sticky baby dust for this month.

    Please let this be a lucky SMEPING thread for us all!!!!

  • Can i join you ladies image
    We did it last month but i had a chemical preg this month, so will be joining you again soon! It obviously worked just wasnt meant to be this month.
  • Me me! I'm on CD13 and we've bd'd 6,8,10 and 12. Good luck! We can do it! xxx
  • i've followed SMEP this month, we followed it to the letter up untill the last few nights. We BD'd CD8, CD10, CD12, CD14 (when I got my peak) then CD15. I'm a bit gutted as we didnt BD on CD16 and CD18 as we should have done. So kinda feel this may have been a waste of time, I'm a bit gutted to honest. But fingers crossed, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. xx
  • I was hoping to stick to SMEP this month as this was how I fell pregnant before, but I think I've messed it up.. we bd on cd10,cd13,cd15 should be ov today cd15 so I may still be in with a chance if I bd again tomorrow cd16, do you think???
  • Hey girls!
    I am SMEPing! Currentlyon 2/3 dpo. Havent' been able to follow it completely as OH has longhours - but bdd sat, sun and tue. Did a bit before OV earlier on in the cycle too. DUnno if it going to be enough but we physically cudn't fit anymore in!!
    Good lukc fellow SMepERs!
  • Hi girls,Am SMEPING too!! We bd CD6, CD7, CD14, CD15
    CD17, CD19, CD21, CD22 am am not currently 1 dpo I think as had a positive opk on thur and latest i would have been due ov was today!

    I hope we have done enough as oh and myself are now knackered, think we will continue BD all weekend just incase!!

    Fingers crossed that with SMEPING and my rude veg that I get my BFP.

    Good luck everyone xx

  • Well i'm 1dpo today and after bd CD4, 6, 8,10,12, 14, 16 which was peak 1 and then peak 2 and again today on my last high i am hoping we have done enough. Going to give tomorrow a miss and then bd again on tuesday. We are shattered. I will be ss very shortly. hope the smeping is going well for you all. xxx
  • hey girlies!!

    well im on cd 10 today, bd earlier today but ideally wanted to start on friday cd8 but it just didnt happen for one reason or another. Im hoping that we havent started too late, havent had a positive opk yet so here is hoping!! x
  • hi! i've somehow managed to miss this thread! i'm smeping this month and did last month too (btw - love how 'smep' has become a verb!) i'm at 9dpo and testing on friday if af doesn't get me first. followed it almost to the letter this month just missed one crucial day (the day i got my positive opk result) coz i was really poorly. i'm hoping it won't be too much of a problem as it is more likely that you ovulate a bit after you get your positive so fingers crossed xx
  • i know!!! i was watching out for replies on the other smep post and then this one appeared!!

    im sure if u bd on the run up to ov and then a couple of days following it you will be in with a good chance, good luck!!

    hopefully this will be our month ladies!! xx
  • Hey ladies!
    Glad there is a few of us 'on it' this month! lol
    Love the new SMEPing verb! hahaha will add it to the BE dictionary.
    Okay im CD15 today and due OV 2moro or Weds.
    We have BD CD 8,11, 14 and will do 16 and ov days. We are on month 6 of trying but this is the first SMEPing month. We have also started both taking multivits and mumtobe vits. Cut down on coffee and caffeine drinks and booze.
    Really hope we can do it this month!
    Good luck all!
  • Hello... I did SMEP this month AF due TOMORROW!! god i am nervous ...
    I have had no AF signs at all... I am going to wait until a few days late before I test cookies I might test Friday with you
  • Well I tried and failed last month with SMEP and pre seed so here I am back on CD6 again :\(

    I feel like such a failure after reading about all of the BFP's from people in their 1st month of SMEP. Really hope we have more luck this month.

    Good luck for Friday MollieA and cookiesandcream! xx
  • yey! testing buddy! hope you don't get af tomorrow mollie and we both get our bfps on friday! xx
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