just done a pregnancy test.....

well i cudnt wait any longer so i did a test 3/4 days early with FR which was naughty of me. got a BFN. feeling really down about it, used CBFM this month aswell. its never gunna happen i hope nothing is wrong! i no it cud b wrong but knowing my luck it isnt, there is more chance of it being right!
good luck to every1 else xxx
sorry to moan!!!

would just like to add that i am 8 or maybe 9 days at most past ovulation as got my peak on valentines day. could this b 2 early even with FR? could this also mean that my period mite come late if i didnt ovulate til late?? SO CROSS AT MYSELF 4 TESTING!!!

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  • may be way too early
    i would love to say don't do anymore but if you are anything like me you will test again! However, it is devastating to get the negs that it really is best to wait at least until day of your af
    good luck x x x
  • am only 9 DPO or maybe even 8. i no it was so stupid of me to test but my AF should be due thurs or fri and when the test arrived in post i cudnt resist!
  • Hi hun I would echo what justmarried said and of course I am always the same I am the queen of early POAS having gone through about 20 plus tests last month and lots of heartbreak to go with it.

    Please wait a few days and test again, it isnt over until AF arrives, fingers crossed xx
  • Oh Sally, I was thinking about you today aswell, thinking you would be testing tomorrow as you'd said in a previous post...It's not over til it's over - have a cuppa, put your feet up and relax image

    L x
  • i no, i had absolubtly every intention of testing 2moro but with it being my OH birthday i didnt want him to get bad news and didnt wana wait til thursday. ridiculas isnt it!! sooo not doing another test now just guna wait 4 AF!
  • That's not ridiculous at all lovely, I would have done exactly the same! I hope you can still enjoy hubby's birthday. Just remember it's not over yet, not til af arrives. Will keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Wait 3 days and test again hun, and do the same another 3 days on if no AF xxxxxx
  • Hi Sally, I wondered if you were testing today, posted on the other thread.
    I have also tested and got BFN and was really gutted. Also tested early and I pretty much knew it was a waste of test, as I am having some cramps and think AF on the way, but still could not resist. Due on fri but think it might be ealier then that now.
    You might still get a positive, it is so hard to resist to test early. I did it so many times last month, so this time only once before not too bad.
    Best of luck! xx
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