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TMI alert! Help needed re AC & EPO & being sick!

Well I am on CD 17 today of a cycle that lasts god knows how long (last was 38 days, before that 48) and am taking Agnus Castus and EPO on the good advice of you girlies.(only on it 10 days so yet to notice a difference).

This morning DH said he would treat me to brekkie as we work near each other. So I took my AC, EPO and pregnacare after having had a mug of tea and with a glass of water but no food. When I got to the train to work I sicked it all up (SOOO mortifying!) and was ill all the way to work. Now much better.

Has anyone else been sick on AC and/or EPO?! Please help reassure me!!!



  • i've been taking the same upto ov but never been sick with it, although i think it does say on the label that you should take with food!!
    i know i can't take any tablets or painkillers on an empty stomach or i too am physically sick!!! then fine after once its out my stomach, its like it just rejects it!!!

    glad to hear your feeling better now!!
  • Yes I on the same and they have to be taken with food so I say that was the problem x
  • Thanks mugwia and danipink! I thought I would be OK if I took them with lots of fluids but it really must need food. xxx
  • i've had the same, but ur meant to take it with food and since doing that i'm fine!
  • Oh thanks lilac - big relief to know others have had the same too!!! xxx
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