Is it poss to not OV for a few months after coming off the pill?

K xx



  • I assume it's possible not to at any point in your life. I know someone who didn't ov every month but was ok after first coming off the pill if that helps?! Do you suspect you're not ov then?
  • I am not sure , the first month i thought I had ov pains though I never had them this month, and then there is the fact I hardly get any cm around OV time and it'snot ewcm though I know not every women gets it.

    i was just wondering if coming off the pill esp affected that.

    K xx
  • Not everyone gets pains when they're ov, I never do- unless it feels like wind? lol. Taking evening primrose oil can increase ewcm, could be worth a go?
    Coming off the pill makes your bod do all sorts of strange and sometimes annoying things!
  • I know love it drives you mad? The one thing I have thought about as I got so many signs last month is could I of been preg and lost it really early. I had brown rings around my nipple area which never happened the first month i was trying and they are still there. I read when you are preg and you these and they don;t ever fade? Who know eh I guess it is very unlikly.

    Yeah I tried EP last month though it did not really do anything??

    k xxx


  • k-lou - i am so glad I am not the only one thinking they may have been and lost it. I have been thinking that the last couple of days as (sorry TMI) but I have had really big clots since AF started which is unusual for me image
  • Yeah i had the same, I had bigger one than I did before and my back and hips were killing me. I will never really know but I had so many signs, it just made me think?

    K xx
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