Im back TTC No2 ?x

Hello Ladies, Feeling brave so thought I would say hello and officially announce we are trying for baby no 2. to make it feel more real - Eeek!!!! I recognise some of you who I was honoured to share my BE experience with last time (Amy & Ruby & FrillyPink - think you've change your name again though). I have also changed my name for my new chapter on BE, aka LittleMissLexi. We have a gorgeous little daughter called Lexi who is 28mths we concieved Lexi on our honeymoon during our first month of trying I wonder if we will be so lucky this time, fingers and toes crossed!

I Look forward to getting to know you all and sending each and everyone of you baby dust from Sunny Scotland.

Oh were not officiall trying again until next month, I have just finished AF but decided not to take any more of the pill and see how it goes, we will be practicing this month though much to OH's delight!!image

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  • Welcome to trying.
    I have a 12 month old and a 10year old and ttc#3.
    I had a MMC in May so just getting back to things now.
    Good luck and hope your stay here is short xxx
  • Welcome SweetPeas!!!
    I'm so excited for you and hope you get to promote to pregnancy very soon xx
  • Changed my name again just to add to the confusion of TTC Amy, sorry SweetPeas just did not feel right lol! SugarPlum it is x
  • welcome back to ttc chick xx

    where in jockland are you? image
  • Hey Grudie, not far from you if I remember correctly I'm in Livingston, your in Edinburgh? Im originally from there but grew up in Livingston, Not been on here much but glad to be back, so your wantng to make Lennon a wee bro or sis, hope you get promoted to Pregnancy really soon!! Take Care and I loook forward to chatting again Xx
  • yeah chick im just over the bridge from edinburgh in fife

    im working on the little bro or sis :lol:

    take care chick,looking forward to chatting x
  • Oh meant to say Babylove I'm sorry to hear about your MMC, hope you also have a short stay in TTC and we can migrate to pregnancy together soon. Thats some gap between your mumchkins... I take it you were a young 1st time mummy, Im 34 now so not sure if im considered old or not lol ! Take Care and chat soon x
  • Welcome back! And good luck ttc!image
  • welcome back image e are ttc number one, look forward to chatting image xxxx
  • welcome back. hope u get ur BFP soon

  • Wishing you lots of luck Sugarplum! xxx
  • Hi Sugarplum. Yes it is a large gap. DS was unplanned and I was only 17. Wouldnt change a minute of it though and now 10 years on I have my little girl too.
    I have been asked if I would change the gap if I could but no, he is such a good help and is such a good big brother.

    PS. I like sugarpum better than sweetpeas ;\)
  • Just saw this, so officially "welcome" and yes, I changed my name from frillypink! I think this current one will stick though ...

    BTW, I like "SugarPlum" b.c it reminds me of Christmas!!

  • **Waves** Loving your new avatar pic now I want a SugarPlum Fairy babydust picture like you..... can you help me lol ?x
  • I was bad and went onto and stole one of their pics... shhhh, don't tell anyone!!!
  • lol naughty you!

    I just done a rather large waffling reply to the fao:you post and BE has decided to play up on me - arghhh it vanished! Need to sign off as at work will chat later. I am totally nervous at the prospect of no'2 in my head but my body is winning this fight and I'm so broody and would love to make Lexi a big sister! Hope to bee your BFP in August what a wonderful way to celebrate your Anniversary. Love to you and I xx
  • bad BE - that happens all the time to me too...

    thanx hun - Isla was SO happy to see the baby and was sooo good and gentle with her - a wee bit surprised really because if you saw the way she treats her babies?!?!?!? I think as 3 yo's they will be helpful and more co-operative than if they were younger or at least I hope they will be as that was part of the plan. I think we'll be able to speak to them about babies and being big sisters etc. and they'll understand a bit... Guess we'll see, right?!

    anyways, we've been trying for a while now and hopefully C's visa will come through in the next few weeks, he gets a job close to home and life gets to be normal, hopefully we'll have better luck and timing won't be an issue like it is now... I have 38 in my mind as the latest possible age I want to get pregs so that still gives me 1.5 years to go!!! A wee bit sad knowing this is the last babe :cry:
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