Peeathon update

Well it looks like a BFN for me - but it's still just 9dpo so as long as AF stays away I'm holding onto that PMA. I was going cross-eyed trying to see a second line and thought I saw a shadow, isn't it funny how the mind plays tricks on us!! Anyway, will test again tomorrow if no AF in the meantime. Any news from you smiles79? xx


  • Hi emmsy4

    Sorry to hear it's a BFN but you still have a few days to be hopeful for!

    BFN this morning which I think I had decided it was going to be. The queasyness I was feeling orginally went away so I think I knew that it must have been something other than pg but still had a glimmer of hope. Wasn't really surprised it was a neg though.

    Will try again on Friday I think but I have a feeling it's just af hiding round the corner and just having a bit of a joke with me!

    I did the same as you and nearly went cross eyed trying to find a line!!! image

    Keep me updated on how it goes for the next few days and lots of luck for the next test xxxxxxx

    No worries though - plenty of pma for next try. Almost hope af arrives and then I can get on and start trying the agnus castus and epo that i bought to see if it sorts my cycles out.

  • Good luck for later in the week ladies!!!xx
  • Aw thanks ladies, sorry to hear BFN for you too smiles79, I have a spare broomstick for fending AF off with if you want itimage still no sign of her yet, am being very paranoid each time I go to the loo! I had good results with both AC and EPO, AC reduced the length of my cycles by 5-6 days and have seen an increase in the amount of cm with the EPO (but hopefully you won't need to use them lol!) Anyway, still keeping everything crossed for the both of us xx
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