ohhhh noooo!

h2b has been away since monday just gone & he is due back late mon night.
My last cycle was 36 days long so according to that im not supposed to ov until next weekend but i just did an OV test (as on the instructions it said start testing from day 13 of ur cycle which is today) and i think i got a v v v v v faint second line- does that mean i am about to ov?
(its one of those access diagnostic strips).
Last month i ov'd on day 23 and on day 22 i got quite a strong line so i know i did but this time it was extremly faint but def there-

i really dont want to ov yet cause it means we will miss this month as htb isnt back until monday (well actually it will be early hours of tues morn) i was gettting sooooooo excited about trying as its our first month!

damn! well im charting my bbt too so i suppose i will have to wait and see what happens with that!
fingers crossed my little egg stays away just for a few more days!!!


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  • Hope your eggie stays where it is. If not you can join me next month as I oved on wednesday night but my donor wasnt available this week!!xx
  • The line has to be as dark as the control line, to be a true positive. So I thought? xx
  • I think mithical is right, if you have a very faint line then you are prob approaching ov, but its by no means too late! Sounds likely that the timing will work out fine for when hubby gets back, so POUNCE!! :lol: Good luck xx


  • i agree with bb4 and mithical - the line has to be dark - as dark or darker than the other line. so there is still a chance hun!!! grab him as soon as he gets through the door!!!xx
  • oh does it really? so do i keep doing it each day until i get a strong line and take that as a positve? i was a bit confused this month as last month it was a very strong line so im still hoping!! thanks girlies!!

    hjanea sorry to hear your out this month! hope hes available next month for you to make a lil spring bubby!

    how are the rest of you doing? babybump4 i see u only have one day till testing??! wooo! x


  • susan - yes you keep testing each day until it is a strong line. good luck!! xxx
  • did todays ov test about an hour ago and again got an extreeeemly faint line- u could hardly see it so im gonna take that as a neg too- phewwwwww so that means im still in this month wooo wooooooo! just hope i ov at some point this week shortening my cycle a bit and so i dont have as long to wait for the 2ww!! :roll:


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