This is a bit weird - need any advice please :\?

well I thought I was out of the running this month cos I had spotting for around 5 days before my AF was due and my temps where highg.

I thought AF had turned up a full day early on Sunday, normally I am quite heavy for 2 days then lesser for 2 days then spotting for 2 days... well Sunday wasnt particularly heavy and mostly very dark red/brown and then yesterday (day 2) was mainly brown, light flow and today just very scant spotting.... I don't know what is going on... still feeling very nauseauous (sp?) and very sore hard boobs.... If it was AF it has been the lightest, shortest af I've ever had :roll:


Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and then been pregnant... I haven't tested yet (will do when I get home from work)?

OR am I just getting my hopes up and this is just a weird month?

A very confused MrsJules



  • Thanks SB... I'll keep you posted !
  • Good luck with the test later, sounds like you should test just to make sure either way.

  • ooh honey u never know! i think tequila had that then got her bfp a few days later!!!
    Oooh a live test that would be fun!!!
  • Im with lilac live test, live test, worked yesterday!!! Not unusual to bleed a bit and be pg hun so go for it.....babydust by the truckload, u know the drill down and roll....xxxxxxx
  • ooohhhhh you guys are wonderful... I feel so much better and I can't wait to go home and PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :lol:

    ooohhhh my legs are so tightly crossed I'm cutting off the circulation :roll:

    and one of my colleagues said this morning "was I pregnant" cos I look so tired and my hayfever is so BAD... she said that when she was pregnant it made the hayfever worse as you are more sensitive to pollen image image (I've never had such bad hayfever!)

    I'm getting excited now... I keep telling myself that the worse that can happen is that it's a BFN and that means poor hubby is going to get jumped ( image ) a lot again this month :lol:

    Not sure I promise to do a "live" POAS *shivers at thought of cyber friends hearing me pee* but I promise *crosses heart and makes a wish* to come straight on here and let you know the result image

    *rolls around in big pile of babydust*


  • *lilac shakes visions of live webcam pee athon*
    my hayfever was really bad when pg with lo and has since pratically cleared up!!!!!

    OOOOHHHHH mrsjules is up the duff!!!
  • :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: at Jenna imagining a webcam peeathon.... oooh I have got a webcam too image image image (I promise I WON'T be getting that out!)

    ohhhhhh I hope you are right Mrs... keep everything crossed won't you

  • I'm crossing everything right now!!!!!! legs, arms fingers eyes, done!!!!
  • aahhhh no live peeathon!!! Ok il make do with being told 1st...after hubs that is!!! Goodluck hunny, everything crossed here to xxxxxxxx
  • ooh ooh this is interesting - hurry back with the result image xx
  • I will try - just off to get the train home - going to drink some water first so by the time I get home in about 1.5 hours I will need the loo - legs crossed (ha ha) xxxx
  • oooo keep us posted!!!

  • Good luck MrsJules74, fingers crossed for you, we'll be counting down the mins til you get home. Sxx
  • right ladies as I suspected a bloomin great fat NEGATIVE - in fact CBD said in no uncertain terms "not pregnant" (took ages well into the 3 minutes) to come up too.... :evil:

    I think I knew if would be a BFN at heart... kind of set myself up that I knew it wasn't going to happen. :cry:

    Oh well I have the Dr's appointment to start all the tests next Wednesday so we will see what they show up.

    Thanks for all your support today, you girlies are wonderful and I don't really know what I would do without you all :\) .

    So I am putting it down to one of those weird AF's and trying to keep my hopes strong.

  • Oh hun, im sorry to hear that, try to keep ur chin up u say least uve got docs and can start tests booking myself in for those if we dont do it this month 2, no harm in it. Big hugs to u, u know where i am if u ever need a chat, rant or anything else! xxxxxxxx
  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((massive hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Oh honey i'm not giving up on this yet that af was still weird and u really deserve this baby!!! if i knew where u lived i'd be round in a 2nd with masive glass....fu*K it BUCKET of wine and a hug!!!! i'm here if u need a chat too.
  • guys - Jenna & Kim, you have just made me cry - in a nice way :\)

    I will get there I know - just disappointed and not going to worry about it this week. Jenna have taken your advice and am enjoy a nice cold glass of wine (opps image seems to be empty already must top it up image )

    No but seriously you guys are the best and I really love you both to pieces for your kind words... amazing how much they help xxxx

    right off to top the wine up - none for you guys tho cos I am still waiting to hear good news from you two too image

  • hello!!! Omg have just been reading your post and Gemmsy'! I thought my at had arrived on Sunday a day early but I've had very similar signs as you! Usually by now I'm full flow (tmi!) but its not like that. Not getting my hopes up though, but this is most unusal for me as im very reg... Oh wel going to wait a few days!!!
  • ooohhh star good luck honey... it is not over for you yet, here have some baby dust and I will keep everything crossed for you.. let us know what happens when you test won't you?!
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