The Golden Girls Season 2

Hi girls
Well thought would start the new thread so let me know your details and i will add

Name.........AF...........OV day.........Next AF due..........Test day

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  • Yippppeeee! We're back!

    AF - 11/05
    OV - 25/05
    AF due - 9/06
    Test - 12/06

    Let's get this PMA going ( in a very relaxed chilled way of course).
    No early testing nor totally mad symptom spotting for me......but looking forward to lots of girlie support and hopefully we will have some nice surprises in June! image

  • Can I please join?
    AF 22/5
    Ov 6/6 approx
    AF 18/6 approx
    Testing 19/6
  • Ohh, can I join in please?

    AF - 05/05
    OV -22 /05
    AF due - 5/06
    Test - 06/06

  • OK girls ive updated us all xx
    Ive adjusted mine too as ive got a feeling i OVd later than usual and actually OVd yesterday as havent had much CM until recently.
    Also when i was in Florida I bought this book called what to expect before youre expecting and it seemed to be quite informative. Apparently fertile CM will leave a round mark in your knickers whereas non fertile or OHs spermy leftovers will be more elongated. Never knew that!!
    So anyway how has everyones weekend been? xx
  • That's good to know Jay! It all just looks the same to me!

    Weekend has been alright, it was a long one with the bank holiday. Had a great day with Hubby and LO today. Both are in bed now, so I have peace! Had some drama with my online shopping, sorted now though! Back to work tomorrow, but only for 1 day! Yippeee, I'll have loads of time to sympton spot!xx
  • Ooh Jay I didn't know that about cm either and definitely haven't noticed it before or when we were ttc our ds. Something else to keep me occupied over the next week though as I'm currently on CD10!
  • Sounds like we'll be on knicker watch earlier than usual now! hehe I usually knicker watch around the time AF is due but will be doing it to try and monitor my cm. Dont think will ask DH what he thinks though. Think he might draw the line at checking out my knickers for cm shapes! hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Only here can we talk about these things! xxhehex
  • That made me laugh!!

    How long have you been ttc? x
  • I came off the pill last June so almost a year now. Not sure the first 3 months counted as it seemed AFs didnt return to "normal" (painful and fuller flow) until October time. How long you been trying for? xx
  • Why is ttc so hard!! We're on month 7 which in the grand scheme of things is nothing but feels like forever especially since so many people have joined and left this forum with their BFP's in that time! x
  • I know exactly what you mean and sometimes i get the little green eyed monster rearing its head when you see the ones who have only just started trying and get their BFP straight away. I am happy for them but you just cant help feeling a little jealous! Ah well i suppose if dont get bfp this month then can go to the docs to get things checked out as its been a year almost. Due for a smear soon YUCK so maybe will have a chat with the doc then!
    Have you been temp charting or anything? I havent but am probably going to start. Got all my stuff in florida (opk, thermometer etc) but am hoping will be a waste of money due to already getting BFP! he he xx
  • I think its only natural to feel abit jealous. I know 4 people who have all fallen pregnant within the time I've been trying image
    I am using opk's and am hoping to start temping again too. I temped when we were trying for our ds and loved the reassurance of it plus it was nice to feel like every day was productive.
    I hope you get your BFP before a trip to the doctors is necessary x
  • Thanks goonie xx
    Afternoon ladies so how was everyones weekend? Mine was ok didnt really do much, just been trying to catch up with everything really since getting back from hols. Definately think having a holiday has helped as hubby seems more relaxed and more amorous if you catch my drift! ;-0 I suppose it did help that we had a little chat whilst we were away and i did say to him that it shouldnt just be about BDing we need to aprpeciate each other aswell. Even though secretly im hoping that by saying that to him he relaxes and wants more sex he he Seemed to work though oooo im just sooo naughty.
    Ive decided to try and eat better aswell as ive managed to put on half a stone whilst away. Think it might have had something to do with the krispy kreme donuts and cocktails etc that i had. I did buy myself some skechers tone up flip flops though so i walk everywhere in them at the moment, even when its raining!
  • Hey girls,
    I've been quite a busy bee over the lasy few days. My back is now pretty much back to functioning as normal so I am trying to catch up on housework etc without doing it in again. Still have to go for mri scan which I think is rubbish seeing as I feel better now!
    Driving over to Ireland tomorrow for my brother's wedding so have to pack bags tonight for OH and myself (OH cannot be trusted to do his own!!!). Went shopping yesterday with OH and having hair done tomorrow so I am feeling very pampered and spoilt. Nothing beats retail therapy image

    6DPO and not really ss. Some cramping and sore (.)(.) but don't have really feel like we did it this month. My new theory is that if you expect a BFN then you will get a lovely surprise if it's a BFP!

    How are you girls doing?

  • Hiya Frecks, I agree nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make you feel much better and glad your back is better xx
    Men are crap at packing arent they! They just seem to throw everything into a bag and its all creased when they take it out, then they expect you to iron it for them puh no sireeee will i do that! he he
    Well have a fantastic time at your brothers wedding, are you bridesmaid or anything?
  • Have a lovely time at your brothers wedding Freckle. I totally agree about the packing, I always pack for my hubby or he forgets something crucial! x
  • Ha why are men just useless at packing? Although to be fair to my hubby he does do his own packing and is OK at it. If he forgets something then he just thinks oh well i will buy it out there. Although I look after the passports, ticets money etc, those he definately cant be trusted with! he he
  • Hi Girls! I'm back - had a lovely holiday in Cabo - but got homesick - weird I know - and came back a little early - we came back last night instead of today - It's really expensive there and tbh we got a little bored of trying to eat out at sub par restaurants and pay $150 for the meal - bloody expensive!

    Well I read the other thread and will jump on there in a minute, but yes holiday sex is amazing image. So it sounds like jay I will now be doing to opposite of you - I am going to stop temping and opk's for the next few months. I wind myself up doing it and get my bfp then lose them all the time so I am taking the 'what will be will be' approach now. Saying that I have had some weird (.)(.) pains - in the side of my boobs again - you know what that means right - bfp???? I cannot believe it though as I only mc on the 25th as you know so unless my ov was completely messed up and we did it on hols I cannot possibly see how it can be a bfp although I've only had the sore (.)(.) when I've been pg - I am very confused - I guess all I can do is wait and see if af shows up in a while, who knows when??? :roll: Maybe it's just my hormones completely messed up now after 2 mc's ina row. I will not be exactly happy about it though if I am pg as I was planning on taking a 2-3mnth ttc break - not not ttc but not ttc either as like you jay I need to lose a few pounds - well actually a stone and I can't drop that when I'm ttc as it's such a roller coaster.

    Sad news about Blanche I saw it while I was away.

    So out own Blanche has some good news though!!! SD got her BFP - wow - congrats SD - Sticky baby dust for you hun.

    So I'm still off work until Wednesday now - am looking forward to sitting in the back garden and getting some sun and eating more food before my big diet starts :lol:

    When is Frecks back from the wedding saga????

  • Hi GG

    Just thought I would let you all know I got my BFP its on a separate thread but after 9 v.faint lines on ebay cheapies and FRER I got a visible clear line on a predictor test 12miu this morning!!

    In shock but I think I knew I was been having dizzy spells like when I get up too fast go all light headed, feeling nauseous allday long, spots omg have loads on my face am like dot to dot!!

    Sore (.)(.) and bigger boobies too ha ha!!

    Good luck and hope you all join me very soon.

    Ps Think I am 5wks preg and due 12 Feb and it was an anniversary baby

  • YAY welcome back BOB I really missed yout x Glad you had a lovely time but not good it was so expensive!!
    Congratulations again SD x I posted in your other thread too x
    Hmmm your symptoms sound weird BOB - maybe just wait and see what happens, do you know roughly when you are due AF again?
    My AF is due around next weekend!
    Not sure exactly when Frecks is back but looking forward to a good update about her SIL he he
    Got a stinkin cold at the moment blurgh No idea where ive got that from as no-one else i know seems to have a cold! pah typical
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