help me with cbfm! argh

hi ladies. . Got cbfm. . Am no good with gadgets ha ha. . When do i use it?
And what do the blue lines on test stick mean? Thanks x X X


  • hello

    well on the day of your AF you need to started it, if AF comes after the morning CD1 is the next day, you set the monitor so that you have a pee window so if you set it first at 8am you can pee from 5am until 11am, you need FMU and you POAS and put in the monitor, on your first cycle you will start from CD6 but if you have longer cycles can start from 7,8 or 9, it measures lutinizing hormone and eastrogen, which are the two lines, eastrogen peaks before the lutinizing hormones which acctually triggers the release of the egg so in theory gives you extra fertile days, it will ask you to POAS in batches of 10 or 20, if you have oved before the 10th stick you just use 10 but if not you use 20, you would normally expect a few highs then 2 peaks and a high which is classed at 1DPO, allthough the amount of highs and weather you get a peak can vary

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