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can't even work it out anymore!! grr

hello lovely ladies, hoping somebody can help me.
my husband and I have been ttc for over a year now, both in very early 20s and very healthy, dont drink, smoke or anything bad. its quite possible that i have pcos as ive had lots of tests and scans relating to them but never anything conclusive and the doctors dont seem too bothered by it.

my question is my cycles are pretty regular, i dont use opk's but seriously considering them because the last two months ive had spotting for aaaaaaages before AF, now this has never happened before, normally it just starts full flow (sorry if tmi) but take this month for example, (the spotting only lasted 2 days, even though last month it was about a week) so this is my cycle this month.
day 1=spotting but not much (pinky)
day 2= same as yesterday
day 3=spotting then insane amount and i was incredibly dizzy (brown and then dark red)
day 4=ridiculous amount and bright bright red (dizzy)
day 5=hardly anything (dark colour) (very dizzy all day)
day 6=hardly anything (darker)

now for someone who's always had heavy AF thats heavy from day 1-6/7 then a bit for a couple of days afterwards, my cycles are really starting to confuse me. im used to over a week of very heavy bleeding and now its two days at the most, last month it was only heavy for 12 HOURS!! then disappeared for about 3 days then was light again!!! how is that even possible?

I have three cycle apps on my phone and one of them counts day one as any bleeding, and then the other one doesn't count spotting at all and its counted this months AF from day 3

so what do you ladies do, do you count spotting as day 1 or only when it starts up properly?
there's so much conflicting stuff on the internet.

ive lost just over a stone in the last month so that might have possibly confused my cycle a bit but this isnt the first time ive lost weight quickly and nothing happened to them then or the last cycle before i lost weight so whats going on with this spotting? and the dizziness is ridiculous, i know i have very low blood pressure because i have to have it checked all the time so that might be contributing, but ive been taking mother to be tablets so i should be getting more than enough iron into my system.

what do you ladies suggest, are the last two cycles just flukes from weight loss and should i just use opk's to track my ovulation because theres no way i'll be able to work the dates otherwise.

sorry for long post, just so confused now, so many of my friends have not just gotten pregnant in the time that my husband and i have been trying but their babies are like 6 months old, so its really starting to get to me now, we actually want a baby, more than anything in the world and none of my friends' babies are planned or particularly wanted, and i see all their facebook statuses saying how much their dying for a drink, and their out clubbing til 4am. its just so upsetting! image

thank you for reading and hope somebody has some advice for a stressed ttc lady xx


  • hi hun,
    you should come and join our 6+ thread - we have all been trying for ages and the ladies are a lovely bunch.Its nice to see the bFPs from those who have been trying for a bit longer too. I have been trying for a year/ 9 months properly and understand where you are coming from. TTC takes over your life and you get an awful desperation.

    If you have been trying for a year, I would suggest you go to the docs for a referral. I am having a gynae appoint in august and hubbie is having a SA done. It has made me feel better knowing that we will find out if these things are ok.

    Also, I think it would be a good idea to track ov using opks as you might be missing your ov dates completely. I f you do have PCOS you may not even be ovulating some months which might explain the funny period (but dont want to worry you). If you are not oving, clomid can help.

    Have you ever temped too? I like to temp as well as use opks - if you look on fertility friend there is a simple course to teach you how to do it.
    I find using opks/temping and i now have a cbfm, all helps me to feel a bit more in control! I ov on completely different times each month - sometimes early/sometimes late so it would be imposs to track it otherwise!

    I know i havent really answered your post but hope the advice helped a bit. Just ask if you have any qs xxx
  • thanks hun, im going to get some opks tomorrow, i think i need to start using them from day 10 so im going to go from the spotting date, despite hearing conflicting advice.
    just getting to the point that im wondering why its so difficult but if i chill it might just happen on its own. i have my own businesses so at least the constant working will get my mind off everything. i havent posted much but i read all the forums all the time, i'd love to join the 6+ month ttc'ers, talk to people in the same boat image
    thanks for helping image
  • MrsT - you should count your 'proper' af as cd1, not spotting. I agree with Samsa too opk's will definately help as will temping as I too ov on different days each month.

    With regard to your af's lately and this sounds like a silly question but have you done a hpt lately? when I got my first bfp I lost 8lbs in the first 4 weeks and with your af not being normal (some ladies bleed a bit when their af's are due when pg) that may be it........Just a thought. :\)

    The other thing it could be is stress as that will mess up your cycles.

    Come join the 6mthrs!!!
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