Travel Insurance while TTC

Hi all
well I've booked my flight to the US for September and need to book travel insurance.

As I am only TTC at the moment, can I just buy normal travel and health insurance - or do I need to look for a clause which says something along the lines, that if you fall pregnant and can't travel due to a sick note from the doctor, you will be covered"?

What has other people done when they went on holiday?



  • I got insurance from the post office in feb for my hols this week.(hoping I would get my bfp before now!) I read it well and I think apart from the excess I would have been covered if pregnancy complications had occured and the dr had agreed that travelling was unwise. Hope this helps.x
  • I'm looking at renewing our travel insurance so read the t's and c's carefully. It seems to be that as long as you haven't had previous pregnancy complications then you're covered if you are in your last 12 weeks (16 with multiple births) - they'll allow you to cancel your trip etc.

    Worth checking when you decide who to go with - I used to compare.
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