still no ov signs and feel guilty 4 my hubby

Hi girls hope you ok not been on here yet today, im 3rd day supposedly ov but no signs nothing on the stick thought i saw a faint line yesterday but nothing think i imagine it halve the time. Had no cm at all or niggly pains so pretty disappointed.
Had quite abit of bd ing which is nice but i kinda feel guilty cos im sure my hubby thinks i only want it to try and get pg only, and i certainly dont just want our relationship to revolve round that we only been married 4 weeks. I love him to bits and want him to feel special does anyone else have this or feel guilty that they are only bd ing for one reason .
Hope im not rambling on just felt fed up all week xxxx


  • Hi, i have just started feeling the same guilt!We have been married a year just and since TTC i have initiated the BD more than i normally would. I want him to know its not just because were ttc. It might sound stupid/daft, but, because we are ttc it feels more special at the moment?

    Im sure if you talk to him over pillow talk he will understand, and at the end of the day his a man, im sure he is loving it lol!!!

    Sending you lots of PMA and LOADS of baby dust

  • Thanku ss thats very kind and reassuring that im not the only one who feels like this, we go on our honeymoon next sun to portugal and want it to be perfect. I have always felt really close to my hubby and like u cos we r ttc it seems like we are even closer, but i just felt guilty all week cos after i think i wonder has it worked.
    Think im gunna talk to him when he gets in later and tell him just how special he is and how much i love him.

    Cheers hun heres to lotsa pma xxxx
  • completly understand where your coming from, he must know how you feel other wise he wouldnt be wanting to TTC inthe first place. Make sure you have a fantastic honeymoon and try not to worry too much as that wont help.

    Were celebrating our 1 year anniversary in london this saturday and really want to do a test but dont want to put a downer on our special day if its negative, but the again if it was + it would be magical!!

    Keeping my fingers...and toes crossed for both of us

  • Have a gr8 time hunny are you due on sat then?, my af is due when we are away and im in a dilema weather to let it arrive or take this pill the doc has given me to stop it so i can go swimming etc.
    If i take them and im late with af im not gunna really know whether to take a test all abit of a nightmare, dont want to ruin our hol. xxx
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