for the ladies who already have children

my last threat about being crazy seems to of flushed out all us ladies that already have children. clearly you get more loopy the more kids you have. :lol:

anyway thought we could have our own threat as i feel really bad moaning when there are women struggling to have there first. i dont think it matters how many you have, you get just as wrapped up in ttc.

so this is my story. i have connor who is 5 and chloe is 2 1/2, i used be when i was pg with her. we decided to try for our 3rd and final as we have completly grown out of the baby stuff and i think if we left it much longer we wouldnt want to go back, also it to 10mths to try for chloe so we know it could be a while.

its my first month off the pill and very nieve i thought if we tried hard we could get pg the first month, bedfore my cycles went crazy. now im on cd30 an quite upset that im going to end up like last time with cycles from 30 - 70 days, its rediculously hard to work out when your ov. :\?


  • I have one dd Isla who was 2 in February (I was a regular in BIF 08 before we were archived :cryimage. She's def. a terrible two'er and NO is her favourite word at the moment. OIY, OIY, OIY!

    I joined BE while I was pregnant with her in November 07. "cancukmom" is not my original account as I tried chaning my email addres a few months ago and the whole thing got totally messed up and it wouldn't let me validate my account so i started over again... :roll:

    We've been trying since September 09. My DH has a horrible job that takes him away from home for four weeks at a time so we don't get to do the deed each month but we've been able to for about 6 out of those months now.

    I hope I don't come across as being ungrateful for my dd when I whine on here. I love her to bits but it doesn't mean I don't want a 2nd child as much as my 1st. For me, I think, the difference would be that if it was discovered that we couldn't have any more children, then I'd totally embrace our family of 3. If thats what it is meant to be, I'll be content. To a certain degree that could take a tiny bit of pressure off of me but then I start thinking about secondary infertility as it's taking much longer this time around..... I'm also 36, tick tock, tick tock - I don't have much time left....

    Sian, how was your 2nd pregnancy? I didn't have morning sickness with dd but I was sooooooo tired throughout . I'm scared silly I'll lose my mind to fatigue and a 2 yo if I get pregnant soon.
  • Hi im clare and im ttc bubs number 6 i already have 5 ds who are 11,10,6,3 and 11 month ( yep life can be pretty hectic !) This is our 1st proper month tcc so fingers crossed it wont take to long, i hope your cycles sort themsleves out soon hun! That must be a nightmare .
  • hi ladies

    i have one DD who was born last Aug so is 9 and a half months. It took us just under 3 years to conceive with her, after seeing the drs and being referred to the fertility clinic, being told we had unexplained infertility, we were waiting on a date for IVF when i fell naturally. We'd stopped trying and put all our time into planning our wedding which has still never happened haha.

    we're not officially ttc yet but im thinking i have symtoms thats why im here and its not long til aug when we're saying we'll start trying again! AF due sometime after Thurs! I done a test yesterday and sun and Im thinking it was too early, but we did only BD once last month.... poor hubby haha.

    I also have some strange cyles from 25- 35 days so i can understand your frustration.


  • hi

    i have a DD who is 10 1/2 months old and am TTC num 2, i fell pregnant the 1st month but sadly MC in april. so here i am again!!
    TTC is so HEARTBREAKING when the old hag shows up every month. i think we should start a witch hunt ha ha.
    Ladies time for some PMA we WILL all get pregnant this month (fingers crossed) repeat after me.......

  • I have a DD who is 17 months!

    i cant believe i am back on BE and talking about trying for a second lol

    ive only just come off the pill so not officially TTC just yet but hope to be here once af has arrived!!

  • wow mummy 2.5, your a pro. they must just pop out lol.

    cancukmom, sadly i suffered morning sickness with both of mine, it was tiring as connor was 2 but it wasnt that bad. the worst thing was carring a girl made me so much bigger. from a selfish point of you im a bit worried how big i could get this time and how big the baby could be. my 1st was 7lb13 2nd was 8lb10 1/2 that means no3 could be over 9lb image

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  • Hi

    I have ds form my previous relationship who is 5, i've been married for nearly a year and really want another baby, well another two if would be lovely.

    This should be our 3rd month ttc however af gone missing at the moment now on cd44 or something, So annoying!!

    Siandonna- i suffered badly with morning sickness too, really hoping i can skip that part when finally get pregnant this time. Also worried about having big baby, ds was only 6 12lb but all babies on hubby side seem to be 9lb - 10lb, eek.

    Good luck girls, fingers crossed this will be a lucky thread x
  • hi

    I have ds1 who is 3 and ds2 who was born dec09. I am not officially tryiong as i am bf and af hasnt appeared since the birth. We have already discussed going straight into ttc no3 as I have pcos that really messes up cycles took 4.5 years to have no1 and 3mmc and 2years for ds2 so have decided to start as soon as possible so not to have as bigger gap. I often look into this forum but dont post as I am not sure I qualify not aving any af hopefully soon though. never know maybe get pg without having af but that would require a miracle!!

    I hope everyone gets their BFP soon !!
  • hello to all mummies xxx

    i have 1 little missy who will be 2 in 21 days ARGH!! also her fav work is NOW!!

    this is our 5th month ttc ish, i came off the pill when we got married in january, had af in feb and didnt get another af till may, im now on cd30 and did a hpt yesterday and got a bfn.
    fab idea for a thread xxx
    wish my cycles would sort them selves out x

    baby dust to u all xxx
  • i have a ds1 whos 5 and ds2 who is 3, it has taken me 3 months since we have ttc, it feels hard atm cos i had a mc end of march, finding it hard to fall preg, but need to think positive, and my time will come, just hope its soon! cos i fell pretty quick with my two, this one is taking longer xx
  • I have a little girl who is 17 months next week ekkk image and this is our first month TTC our second image , I am not getting my hopes though of falling in the first month(but would be nice image )

    Gem xx
  • hi ladies,im lisa,weve been ttc no 2,2 years now,we have a ds who was 3 last week image hes ma darling

    siandonna im shitting myself about size lol ds was 9lb 7 1/2oz and 57 cm,biggest baby of the family,hubby and i were both only 7lb odds but my hubby is tall at 6.5" but i managed labour without so much as a scratch image go me lol

    hoping were not wating too long for no2,getting a bit fed up waiting for our turn now lol
  • Hi, i'm vicky and I have a 14 month old monster, I mean daughter called Charlotte.

    We are in our first month ttc and I was failry optimistic as we had positive on OPK and bd'ed lots but now i'm not so sure. Took 10 months to fall pg first time around. On my 2ww now, 6 days dpo and really struggling to get to the right day to poas !
  • well im on cd 31 now no period and lots of bfn's. the fustrating part is we bd alot at the start but it kind of fizzled out and if im having a long cycle its later we would need to bd. if only i had a crystal ball.

    so how often are you ladies bd or do you plan too. its so hard to find the time and energy. i work 4 evenings a week and our little people tend to appear in our room in the night. so no privacy. anyone remember the days when you could do it what ever time of day you wanted!

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  • haha yeh i remember them days well!!

    we only BD once last month because like u i work in the evening and we're always knackered as LO is a bad sleeper!
    our bodies are amazing thing but they not so good at telling us whats going on!

    this mgt sound gross but i was told the mr swimmers can live after BD for 5 days so I think your better to BD before you ovulate and then some more just to be in with a chance!

    I think im on cd 28 and no sign of AF yet. Last AF was 13 may.

  • well we bd every other night, but if hubby working lates we miss a week out ( if that makes sense ) it took us 18 months to fall for anabel x
    we are lucky tho as anabel is a good sleeper and she is still in a cot ( she hasnt worked out how to climb out yet ) and its a large roomy one so we are waiting a little bit, so she cant get out of her room x
    sorry went a bit off topic x
  • siandonna, my dd was 5 lbs 4 ozs. (39+4) at birth because I had PE and hp from early on in the pregnancy so if I had another baby that was 6lbs, that would be huge!!!! DH had to go out to Mothercare and buy her preemie nappies as our hospital ran out of them!!!

    GL testing ladies - I'm already out this month as DH is away until the 21st and I ov on the 17th... that sucks but we're s'pose to be on a break anyways... :roll:
  • hey ladies im new on here
    i have 3 already, ages 10- 8 & 3 ttc no.4 after m/c in april. period due 16th, when is it i can test?
    sorry i dont understand all the codes 4 wat some ladies r putting lol
    god luck 2 whoever is ttc

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  • Hi girls

    We have a little lady who is 20 months....eeek! We are starting to TTC number 2 this month image
    I'm with you trace, i have no idea what any of the abbreviations mean (apart from TTC of course) and i have been part of this site for a while now lol.

    We caught really quickly with Lucy, the first month of trying, but i have a sneaking suspision it won't happen so fast this time

    Good luck to everyone image xxx
  • hiya. i have a ds who is 4 1/2 and dd who is 22 mths. i have been ttc number 3 since jan. it doesnt get any easier by the way!! (the stress of ttc) i have been more anxious this time around as i keep wonderin if havin another is the right thing to do. i know it is really but i am more keen than hubby so its hard. he has agreed to ttc but i no if it was up to him he'd be happy with just two kids. he hates the newborn baby stage! whenever our dd has a bad night sleepin, he brings up how hard a newborn is. i think deep down he hopes i will change my mind but i would regret it forever if i did!
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