CD1... anyone want to join me??

Hi girls,

Well, I'm back here after 4 months away. I got my BFP on valentines day but sadly ended in MMC at 14 weeks. AF arrived today 4 weeks after ERPC so am really happy and excited for TTC again and the future.

And this means I can stick to my TTC schedule for June!! Go on hols on 13th and should hopefully OV while we're away but doesn't matter too much cos will be BDing so much we'll def have June covered! ;\)

Anyone else CD1 today and wanna keep track of things??

So excited for 1st month TTC - wish me luck!! xx


  • Hi Amber156 so sorry to hear about your mc x

    I'll join you CD 1 for me too we have been trying with no joy for over a year it's so emotional at times. Af just arrived for me dh saw I was a little down and bought me a CBFM so will be trying that out this month so fingers crossed we both get lucky this month x x x
  • Lucky you!! I think I might get one if this month doesn't work out, you'll have to let me know how you get on with it.

    A year is a long time, am sure it much be your turn soon!! Have you tried SMEP? Thats how I got my first BFP so will be trying that again this month.

    Fingers crossed for us, best of luck xx
  • Ye have tried smep - overly bd - pre seed - legs in the air - cutting out baths - cutting out caffine - the chilled out approach but nothing works! lol

    lets hope i have better luck with a little technology on my side. I'll keep you updated

    Hope SMEP works for you this month and you get a sticky bean x
  • Can I join you as well! Af arrived today 3 days late, so on to month 2 of ttc this time around! Tried for 7 months last year but had some time out and back in game, trying to not get to stressed but af being late did not help lol! Sorry to hear about your mc amber x
  • Hello, I'm on CD2 (close!). On second month of ttc no.2, my lo is 16 months old now. Cycles were all over the place after stopping breastfeeding but seem to have settled down to around 30 days now - yay! lookng forward to getting to know you all image
  • Welcome girls!! Hope you're not too sad to get AF, it's the start of a new month and a chance to try again.

    Is anyone trying anything different this month? I'm gonna do SMEP, will be on hols that week so won't do opks, tho think will get a CBFM if don't fall this month.

    Any hints or tips??

    Wanabmama, sorry, I knew you would have. Hope this is the month for you!

    Loads of sticky baby dust and luck for June!! xx
  • Amber, just replied to your thread on the TTC after MC. I am CD2 today, back on the TTC rollercoster..........

    Happy to have some cycle buddies.
    Good luck everyone x
  • For this month I have bought the i-period app that one of the other ladies on here that just got there bfp mentioned and going to bd every other day for the fertility window on the app! Hubby has made me promise not to go down the opk route and I was diagonesed with having polycystic ovaries last may so not sure if they would work properly! Xx
  • Hi everyone it'll be good getting to know you all and going insane together symptom spotting

    Well my CBFM arrived today just going to pop out and get batteries so I can use it right away since I'm only on cd2 so I'll let you all know how it goes
  • Well girls it looks like I am finally back on a cycle. Body been all over the place since mc in feb and this was first real AF. Started Thursday and got heavy Friday Saturday and now light today think I will stop tomorrow. So happy everything seems to have gone back to normal. Really looking forward to having a good shot at ttc again. How is everyone? I am going to start my ov test tomorrow as last time got smiley face really so don't want to miss it. CD 4 for me todayimage
  • CD 5 woooo!!

    I'm good thanks 3054, hows you?? Going on hols sunday yay!!

    Mine is stupidly light and is worrying me, but I've told you about that in the TTC after MC forum!

    Officially I'm not allowed to ov tesr! DH didn't want me to do all that and get obsessed etc but the month I got pg before MC, I used them without telling him, sneaky I know!! But it worked!!

    Good luck for the ov tesring xx
  • double post!!

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  • CD 6 tomorrow and no bleeding...... yea.... bring on the BD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a fab holiday, lots of time for BD, hubby is going on a bike holiday on sunday so we may miss OC this month, but we have booked a week in Prague in July that should just coincide with OV...... so if we miss this time we have something to look forward to. Hoping for an early OV before Sunday so we may still have a chance....... but not getting to stressed out.

    Good luck everyone x
  • Well girls CD9 for me today and all is well AF was normal this is a first since MC and I am still getting negative results on OV test befor MC I OV around CD 15 after MC I was getting positive on CD 7 to 10 strange. So really think cycle has gone back to normal massive yea!!!!!!!!! However this does mean I will miss out this month as hubby goes away on Sunday for a week. Not to upset as just so happy to be back to normal gives me chance to know my cycle for next month!!!image
  • Hey 3054! Really good news about your cycles! It is cd9 for me as well today! Cycles r normally 30 days but I was 3 days late this month for some random reason and I think I had some slight ov twinges yesterday so not really sure what's going on as ov window does not start to next week according to calander with ov bring next Saturday lol! So bd last night just in case!
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