Well now I know why AF never arrived...because I'm....

GONNA BE A MUMMY!!!!!!! I'm pregnant!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe it! For those who've seen the thread about no af since coming off the pill, you'd know that I've been so worried that I'd some how damaged my body from taking the pill....and I'd just got my scan date through for checking to see whether i had PCOS.

This morning, as I'm off school, I just thought I'd do a little test just to confirm that I wasnt pregnant before my scan and I honestly couldnt believe my eyes!! I actually through the test out my hand cuz i was so shocked!!

I've had no symptoms what so ever! Absolutely nothing. CBD says 3+ week so think i may be further on than I thought!

Just hoping so much for a super sticky bean.

And a huge thank you for everyone's support and advice since I've been on here...although I'm not moving forums just yet. I'm a bit to scared to do that....think I'll wait a bit.

Love from an unbelieveably shocked Sal xxx


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