Cilest pill query - first month TTC - could I be pregnanct?

Well I'm new to this website so hi everyone!

My husband and I have decided to try for a baby - so exciting! I stopped taking my pill (Cilest) in May in the middle of a packet - had what I assume to be the normal withdrawal bleed 20th May (5 weeks ago) and have had nothing since. Did a test yesterday which was negative - bit disappointed.

Over the last week or so I have had stomach cramps, felt bloated, been peeing a lot more, been more tired and have had low back pain which made me think I could be pregnant but after yesterday think this could be just my body getting used to being off the pill?

I did however do the p test at night time (after drinking / peeing quite a lot) could this have affected the result? Does it need to be done in the morning?

How long after stopping the pill did anyone else have their first 'proper' period?

Sorry for all the questions!!! Any advice would be appreciated. x


  • My first cycle was 32 days and the week leading up to my first proper period I felt nauseous, dizzy, bloated and crampy. Rubbish.
    Still, pg tests are more effective if you do them first thing, you might get what you're after.
  • Thanks - I did think it was pretty unlikely I was pregnant - I am not that lucky!!! I will just wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks. If nothing by next weekend (almost 7 weeks) I might try another test then (in the morning!)
  • I took my last pill (cilest too) on 10th Feb, had my normal withdrawal bleed after and then had nothing for around 90 days until I had what I can only describe as "old blood" (as it was brown and not much of it) sorry if TMI!

    Then around 36 days later (16th may) I had my first "proper" AF and are now on month 1 of TTC! Woop!

    So basically it took me about 3 months to get "proper AF".

    Everyone is diff though so u never know!!
    Good luck!

    Ps is a VERY handy website!!!

  • when i came off cilest, years ago, it took almost a year for me to have a period.... (not that i was complaining then!)
    Things soon got back to normal once id had one tho...

  • it took me 8 weeks to get af after stopping this pill. if you start to wonder,you could pop to docs who will do blood test to check if you are pregnant.
  • I was on cilest and my 1st cycle was 40 days. Im now on my 2 nd proper cycle. Its day 46 and bfn the other day.

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  • hi ali e, i came off the pill(cilest)bout a week b4 end of pkt(1st april this year)had my withdrawel bleed week later then my first proper af was exactly 28 days later,now waitin for 2nd af 2 turn up or BFP n am now on CD50 n still none the wiser. yet when i came off pill(cilest again)11 years previous i had no 1st af n got pg same month with my youngest son.hope this helps in sum way x
  • Thanks eveyone! It is so weird because once you decide you want to have a baby you realise how difficult it might actually be!!! 90 days is so long to wait for af - never mind a year. I have been taking it for 8 years so maybe shouldn't expect all to be normal straight away! . Hope it doesn't take too long though....44 days and counting....xx
  • hi there i'm on day 53 with no af
  • it does say if you drink to much before taking a pg test it will come up bfn as i dilutes you wee i've never been on the pill so sorry i can not help you there i have pcos and dont have periods from1-2 years at a time
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