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Hi, no my lo was the best accident ever. Her dad sees her regularly and I did ask him if he would help provide(in a pot, dont know how I slept with him in the first place and it went on for over a year! )a sibling but he wasnt up for the resposibility. So a friend told me about this website and I've found a donor who lives fairly near, which makes the logistics easier. There are infertile couples, lesbians and single women looking for donors on there. A lot of people have suggested I find a man but I am very happy being on my own(had a troubled relationship when I was younger) and this seems like the ideal solution if it works. Its not all that pleasant and you have to really think nice thoughts whilst you are putting a relative strangers semen up yourself but if it gets me that sibling for my lo then its worth it.!!
I am going to menorca for my hols. Where abouts in Spain are you? Hope you have a good appointment with the doctor.x


  • Hi Helen,

    It's a shame your lo's dad didn't want to help out but guess it's a tricky one. I'm glad your donor is close though, do they just do that bit and not have anything to do with the baby? Must be a bit funny having to use the strangers semen but totally agree with the fact that it'll be worth it for another lo. I'd do whatever it takes too, I hope it works naturally with my DH though as it's all very stressful. He let me down again last night so no BD'ing, I'm feeling really frustrated as I'd do it every 5 mins to get a baby. I don't feel like it either but we just don't do it enough and I'm getting to feel down that I have to try it on and be turned down, everythings out of my control. Anyway back to this!

    I live in Seville now so main land Spain, used to live in Nottingham. What about you? I hope you have a lovely holiday, the temps were weird here bt have shot up in the last couple of days so you'll have lots of sun, perfect for that bun in the oven!! Must run, got the docs in 30 mins.
  • Back already with my update. It seems like my blood has now returned to normal, hooray drama over. The doc said that it was more than likely the result of coming off the pill. I did talk to him about the baby aspirin bit and he looked a bit confused but said that I'm ok and just have to take folic acid and keep trying. I didn't mention epo or any vits etc (too tricky in Spanish). Thanks for your help on that and sorry It was all for nothing in the end, I'm glad I knew a bit more of what I was talking about though as it could have gone the other way. Thanks hun x

    There was a newborn at the docs so that was great. Then a woman brought in a 1mth old girl who made my heart want to burst, I told the woman I was trying. She tried for 2.5yrs and nothing and the month she gave up she got pg. I was pleased for her but that story is worryingly common for someone that stresses like I do. I really don't want to have to go through yrs of ttc as it would be the breaking point for me that makes me want to give up/relax etc. I know it's different for everyone and I need to relax now but if I relaxed then the BD'ing would be even less, I just can't win.

    This update is a possitive one though as it means I have one less thing thing to worry about. I guess you understand as this ttc is hard work. Will look for some pma as I'm around the middle of the month (depending on cycle length), sorry to be a bore.

    Thanks for your help x
  • Hi, glad the doctor had good news for you. Since I had my lo I didnt really coo over babyclothes etc,( once she'd grown out of them, )but since I started ttc they make my stomach do butterflies just thinking that one day I may again have a baby that size. Hope for larger than last time though as she was 3lb5oz! I live near Leeds. Sending you pma and your dh some oomph!! Hope he'll be in the mood at the optimum time for you. Good luck, Helen.xx
  • Thanks for the reply Helen, Your lo was a weeny one! I've been broody my entire life and trust me that's not been easy. Finally at the stage of ttc and it's hard work, wish I wasn't soooo bothered. Thanks for the pma, think it's reached me already, just hope dh has the oomph part as I really hope to BD later. Not sure what the chances are of coinciding BD'ing with optimum time, both of which are hit and miss, LOL.
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