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Been trying 6 months now - is it worth going to doctors yet?

Hi All

I wondered if anyone knows at what point is the doctor likely to test for fertility etc ? H and I have been trying for six months now, I have regular cycles and we tried the CBFM this month but still no luck ..... yet (DPO today but NO symptoms at all so not holding out much hope)

Does anyone know at what stage the doctor might be willing to test both of us? Neither of us have ever had any scares before so wonder if we even can!?

Many thanks! xx


  • Hi,

    not sure if this will help but from my own personal experience: I went to the drs when we was on our 13th month as under 30 they say at least a year. I explained what we'd been trying ov sticks, bbt and 1st month on cbfm. My dr understood but said he'd good things about the cbfm and to give it a go for at least 3 cycles and if still no success then to go back to him and he would get the ball rolling. Luckily for me 2weeks later I hot my bfp.

    It will depend on your nhs area and your age.

    Like I said probably not much help, it might be worth going to see your doc and see what they say.

    Big hugs and hang in there.

  • depends on your age, over 30 yes under 30 they say a year, i was 24 when we started trying and it took us 11 months x
  • We went to docs on month 13 and had blood tests and hub's SA test. Both were ok, so we got referred. That was in May and we just had our consultant appointment a few weeks ago. I've to have an HSG done and another SA for hubby, but our next appointment is March next year, when we will have been trying for 2 years.

    If you're under 30, your doc might not do anything til you've been trying a year - 6 months isn't a long time, honey, although it might seem like it. Good luck!
  • Thank you for your replies - I'm 31 and husband is 33.

    Perhaps I might try a couple more months on the CBFM and if no luck go and see the doctor then - we'd be eight months trying at that point so think that'd be reasonable and not too silly sounding to the doctor if you get what I mean?

    thank you ! x x
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