PG SYmptoms = A line?


I just figured that if you are actually PG (not jsut getitng freaky symptoms lol) that surely you must have HCG floating about and therefore would get a BFP soon once symptoms kick off?

Is this right? Or can the level of HCG take a few days to get to a detectable level?

Any opinions gratefull received!


  • i think HCG takes time to get from the bloodstream into the urine (i may be wrong, but sure i have read it somewhere) so yes i think you can have symptoms and not get a line esp on the not so sensitive tests x

    there is a post about levels and how they differ from woman to woman i will try to bump it up x
  • Thanks Piggpops.
    I wonder how long the delay is from bloodstream to urine. I imagine some gets into the urine a few days after the bloodstream but urine usually only contains 'waste products' so presumably it gets into the urine when you have a reasonable amount of hcg.
    Then you would need to wait a day or 2 for it to reach detectable amount.

    Thanks so much for your reply - I would be interested in the other post. Must be the scientist in me!

    Hope you are good hon xx
  • Just read it can take 3-4 days after implantation to get a blood test result and then a further 2-3 days for a positive urine test.
    They also state it is only 40% of women who would get a positive hcg test 1 day before AF due so it seems most of us would need to wait til af show or even a few days after.
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