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please help

hi all im new to all this so bare wit me ha-im 21 and me and my partner have been together for 3 years and are getin married in 2009. we have decided to try for a baby. i came off the pill (minulet) on the 22th aug an like clockwork had my first period on the 24th aug . but was due on monday an there is no sign of it.i have all the symtoms of being pregnant the sickness,triedness,emotional but have done three test an all are negative is this normal is killing me not knowing wat is happening to my body.:\?

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  • Hi Bubbles, You could be pregnant but may need to wait a while longer to get a positive due to your hormone levels or as you are now off the pill it could just be your cycle changing. I have recently come off the pill and my body is doing weird things - its sooo easy to mis-read signs but you never know... Keep us informed! x
  • thanx fo rthe reply its a strange feeling not knowing whas going on in your own body i hope i am bt will have to wait an see lol
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