BFN today-pausing for a bit

Got my BFN today again, due today according to last months 26 cycle, so I think this is it for this month.

Had a lovely long walk with DH and we decided to stop for just few months as we have lots going on, relocation in the summer ( as hubby is in the army), my job etc....

So pausing for a bit, but I will be back in not too long I hope.
Just wanted to say Good Luck to all trying, hope lots more to come xxx


  • Sorry to hear that. That must've been a hard decision but the break may relax you and help in the long run. Hope everything goes well with your relocation and we see you on here again soon xxx
  • Sorry to hear you got a BFN Naturelle. Stay in touch, some of us may still be here when you come back xx
  • Sorry to hear that image

    Try to rest and not worry about TTC on your break, and hopefully when you start again you'll get your bfp quickly.
  • Hi Naturelle
    I know how you feel. My OH is in the army too and he is going to Afghanistan end of this week so our plans are on hold for 7 months or so then we are also relocating so maybe trying again next year. But like MrsHobbes said might do us good to have a break. Keep your chin up hun, it'll happen soon!! xx
  • awwwww hun image well good luck ttc! and see u back here soon! xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies, I am sure it won't be too long before I am back. Funny thing is no sign of AF yet?! Sure it will appear any day now, as my cycles have not regulated yet. Mrs Hobbes yes you are right not easy, specially as once you start ttc you don't really want to stop, it is actually quite addictive lol
    BeckyWoo any news for you? You were having cramps like me? Have you tested yet?
    Charlie, good luck to your OH. Hope the tour goes ok and 7 months goes by quickly. It can't be easy for you. Good luck with your relocation also. We ideally want to start trying again in summer, onse we know more about the move.
    Good luck to the rest of the ladies. All of you on here are so lovely! Baby dust everone ~*~*~* xx
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