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please slap me

Hi ladies

I really need somebody to slap me. For some silly reason I am really getting my hopes up this month.
AF is due tomorrow and I don't have any AF symptoms, also no pg symptoms ... We have been trying for 13months(14cycles) and I haven't been positive for about 5months and I don't know why now....please slap me or I will be in the dumps tomorrow when AF arrives as I know she will.
We didn't BD much and I was ill for the last couple of days so there really is no hope...



  • ****SLAP****

    Good luck though, keeping fingers crossed for you
  • *******Bigger Slap**********!!!

    Don't give up just yet the ugly witch may not appear......fingers crossed x
  • It's normal to get your hopes up, especially after a long time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Fingers crossed for you that it happens soon x
  • it hard not too, we tried for 11 months before we got our son, always gutting when AF arrives but its soo worth the heartache just doesnt seem like it at the time!
  • Good luck! Xx
  • I hope she stays away x
  • thanks for slapping me image
    just as usual the witch arrived just when she was supposed not even that upset, I think I have given up somehow, just feel cold inside
    well, will try three more months, now with CBFM which I just bought, and then it's off to the docs

    babydust to all
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