A year ago tomorrow!

Just wanted to say, a year ago tomorrow we conceived on our 6th month ttc and now I have the most beautiful 3 month old baby boy in the world!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be as lucky for some of you as it was for me last year!! Cant wait to start trying again, even all the dreaded 2ww!!!But think i'll appreciate the one i've got first.

Good luck ladies!!!! Happy BDing!



  • congratulations honey image how are you finding motherhood? x
  • Its hard work and very tiring but every bit worth it, i'm so in love with my wee boy!! Hope you get your BFP soon niknak!! What month are you on!?
  • aww image i just come of the pill a few weeks ago... dont know how long its gonna take. have lots of syptoms but prob the hormones going back to normal. so are you trying again?xx
  • Oh, good luck!! It such an exciting time ttc!! Nope not trying again yet!! Had a very unpleasant birth experience so at first I was saying never again, now hes 14 weeks old i'm saying sometime ni the future!! Maybe in a year or so!! Just wanted to come back on the trying for a baby board to wish everyone luck!!

    Good Luck!!
  • Congratulations and Thank you hun, thats very kind of you
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