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Hello ladies, I'm new to this forum so I'll give u a bit of background 2 my life!! I'm 34 and have a 15yr old daughter. Myself and my partner have been trying 4 a baby 4 a yr and had a miscarriage this time last yr at around 5 wks preg. I'm 9 wks preg at the mo but suddenly all my preg symptoms have stopped. No morn sickness, no breast tenderness etc and I feel like I'm just waiting 4 the miscarriage 2 happen. I'm so unhappy. I've gotta wait 3 wks 4 my 1st scan as they won't do anything 4 me as I'm not bleeding. Has anyone got any info 4 me? :cry:


  • Hi there, try not to worry, I know that is easier said than done. Symptoms seem to come and go for a lot of ladies, doesnt mean that things are going wrong. If you are really worried would your local EPU not fit you in for a scan. Especially as you have sadly had a miscarriage before. I hope everything is fine with you and we are here if you need us. Try to relax. thinking of you, Tracy xx
  • Thank you for you're support, I'll keep you posted. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed! The EPU don't have the resources to do scans unless you're bleeding/in pain etc. I've just gotta try and relax and wait for the 12 wk scan as there's nothing else I can do except pay for a private one which I have looked into. Thanks though!
  • Hi Elaine,

    Sorry you are feeling this way but I agree with Tracy, your symptons do come and go.

    One thing you might like to look into is the possibility that you have a local charity in the area where they offer advice. My GP mentioned to me about one (I live near Newcastle) and they were a Christian run charity who mainly dealt with unplanned pregnancies and offering advice, but they as I had MC before they offered to scan me for peace of mind.

    It was amazing to see but sadly just before my 12 week scan I miscarried again.

    I wish you look, it is certainly worth looking into - they were called Tyneside Pregnancy Centre, I guess even if you google them and call they may know of others like them in your area.

    I hope this helps and like I say, try to relax!

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