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Coming off the Pill


I am new here - hubby and I have decided that 2011 is our year and are now going to TTC. I have 6 days left in my current pill pack and the impatience is killing me! Does anyone know if I can just throw the reest away, get my withdrawl bleed and be done with them??? :?

Thank you.....



  • not sure if you are meant to or not, i did and had no problems with it! and i know many girls who have.

    my touble is how irregular my periods are now i have come off, about every 7weeks. and it feels like a very long 7weeks!
  • Thanks hols - just wondering if I should just be done with it already!

    So sorry to hear about your irregular periods.. 7 weeks is interminably long... can the doc suggest anything or is it just time until your 'system' settles?

  • Hi ceelou,

    I came off the pill 5 months ago. Had normal withdrawal bleed and periods have been regularly as clock work apart from this month with a day early.

    I stopped taking my pills mid way through the packet and had a withdrawal bled and a 35day wait but now my cycles are back to 30 days. And are regularly more then before I was on the pill!!!!

    I was on the pill for nearly 6 years.

    Heard lots of stories of people getting pregnant in the first month off the pill but unfortunately we are on month 5 but are still staying positive

    Best decision I've ever made!!

    Wish you the best of luck and hope your a lucky one and get pregnant straight away!!

    Lots of baby dust!

  • I came off my pill after being on it for 12 years, like all of u I could nt wait to finish the packet do stopped it half way through. Had no problems since. I have long cycles too. Though seem to be getting shorter. Good luck all of u x
  • let us know how is goes. im on month 3 now.... cant see anything happening any time soon! just spend every minute of every day thinking about it. my doctor said to wait one year then come back... oh so very helpful :evil:

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  • Oh hols - that's horrible... why can't some doc's have some feelings! You could try a homeopath? They might be ableto regulate you naturally?

    As of today I have thrown my remaining pills away...eeek! We are really doing this image

  • scary isnt is ceelou! it is so exciting... but so scary! i hope you have some good luck image
  • Hi ceelou, I remember when i finished my pill and being so excited, i think i took the last one on the last day of my honeymoon. I had the WDB then went on to a 28 day cycle, but crazy erratic cycles after that, longest was 80 days without AF, i thought i was pg. I hope your cycles pan out quite quickly, mine took 13 months to get straight, i had right divvy cycles lol. Just took 3 months after getting regular for me to fall pg. Think i was taking microgynon30.

    What pill were you on? everyone is different so you can never really tell whats going to happen, just wish you all the luck in getting your BFP and try and relax, i got my BFP once i relaxed.

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