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Recurrent Blighted Ovum

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right forum category to post under - hopefully so image

An ultrasound today confirmed I'm miscarrying at 12 weeks. This is my second MC - last year I MCd at 8 + 6, which was diagnosed as a blighted ovum.

The ultrasound technician would tell me nothing today, and said the results would take up to 2 weeks to reach my midwife (which seems crazily long, but anyway).

But both my OH and I could see for ourselves on the screen what appeared to be a blighted ovum (we recognised it from last year's MC).

My way of coping with this is to try and figure out how to prevent it happening again - two blighted ovums in my two pregnancies to date seems more like an issue than random chance. From what I've read online, it's usually due to chromosomal abnormalities and can be treated with 'progesterone suppositories'. I'm not sure what this is but will look it up. I'm keen to find natural solutions to overcome this obstacle.

Has anyone had a similar issue and how did you treat it? We're not eligible for fertility testing etc. until three miscarriages have occurred, but I'm not willing to sit back and let the next pregnancy just turn into a stepping stone for testing!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks image


  • Hi Christy

    Firstly, I'm sorry that you have found yourself over in this forum from July. However, I have to say that the ladies on here are so supportive and understanding, that I couldn't have got through 2 previous mmc without them.

    I didn't have a blighted ovum, my miscarriages were very early on, around 6 weeks. We only saw yolk sacs, but no fetal pole/heartbeat.

    After my second mmc, we asked for a couple of tests to be done - sticky blood syndrome and serrum ferritin levels, all of which came back fine.

    Off our own back, we went to see a nutritionalist to see if there were any deficiencies and found that I was low in iodine and possibly zinc. Hubby also was tested. We both started taking supplements and I then fell pregnant one cycle after my 2nd ERPC. Now, whether this was down to the supplements or a good dose of luck, I don't know. I just was happy actively doing something which might help.

    I am now 13 weeks 4 days and all seems fine.

    I would possibly push your doc for some tests, even though they do say they won't investigate till after 3 mc. I don't really have age on my side, (I'm 36), so maybe that was why my doc agreed to these tests for me.

    I wish you all the luck and hope that, like me, it will be 3rd time lucky for you.

    Lots of love

  • Hi,

    Thanks a million for your reply and your comments image

    I'm 34 next month - I know that's not too old, but with all the statistics going on about 'older mothers 35+' I'm starting to worry a little image

    I've decided to do the same thing as you - take things into my own hands. I'm a bit fan of Bioforce / Vogel products and have a copy of Alfred Vogel's 'The Nature Doctor' bible. I've decided to spend the next 10 days helping my body by doing his 'Helpful Diet for the Sick' (I know I'm not sick, except for the ongoing miscarriage and a lengthy heavy cold) but it will help my body to clear out toxins and start again.

    After doing a bit of reading, I've decided to take daily folic acid supplements, some Agnus Castus when I can get my hands on some, and increase my intake of wheat germ for Vitamin E. I'll also use Bioforce's super nutritious Herbamare (seasoned salt) on my food - used it a lot in the past, but not for a while.

    I was thinking about taking zinc supplements too as I'm vegetarian and have a sense that I'm a bit low in that area, so I think I might go ahead and do that after reading your comment above - it can't hurt image

    My OH tends to overdo the salt and sugar, so I'll look at adjusting his diet quietly too image

    Thanks again - I think this part of the forum will be a great source of support. I really need support right now, I still feel shocked, stunned and lonely - albeit determined to fix things at the same time. image

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful pregnancy!

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