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Ovulating and periods??!

Hi ladies,

Hoping you can give a clueless ttc dumb bum some advice?!

I find all this ttc lark so confusing...I've been using opks since cd7 I'm now on cd15 and still not had a positive result, I do get a very faint line all the time though! Now I'm starting to get worried that I'm not going to ovulate or that somethings wrong?! If I get my period in a couple of weeks does this mean I have ovulated? Or can you have a period and not ovulate? Sorry if this seems really dumb xx


  • you can get af without ov. when you go for fertility tests they do bloods to check if you are oving, so if having a period guarenteed ov they wouldnt need to. i am doing smep this month, as i got a faint line on ov sticks last month, which show negative, but assumed that meant i would ov in the next day. well, no af for over 3 weeks after so i must have missed ov. i shouldnt assume negs will turn into pos without checking! are you using ebay cheepies? i am. thinking i might invest n clearblue ones.
  • I used eBay cheapies too and had the same faint lines never a positive, so to cover all chances we bd'd on the faint lines and the days after just to be on the safe side. Hubby was knackered! Lol!

    My advice would just be to do that because I'm not 100% sure I trust the cheapies. X
  • I found them so difficult to read that I use the digi opks (can get them for 13 quid on Amazon). I think AF is not necessarily a sign of ov. Having said that, your line might get stronger in the next day or so x
  • I have a 23-26 day cycle and usually ov on CD16....I would say it is v possible you just havent ov'd yet x
  • Thanks girls! I *think* I've just had a pos...but find it difficult to read! It's a really thin line (alot thinner then the control line..but I think it's just as dark...will start bd'ing lik crazy over next few days just to be sure image

  • that sounds positive. las year i got on the cleablue ov kit trial. i got a pack of 3 free to try. i also got a cb digi free to try and ??10 voucher for peeing on a stick and sending it back to them! its worth checking out the clearblue site regularly!
  • Wow renee that sounds really good! Will check out their site now! Thanks Hun x
  • i dont know if they have done it since but it is worth knowing!
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