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sorry tmi thrush and af

hi all,

im on cd3 i think cant remember right at this minute. Ive got thrush!!! Argghh!!

Started yesterday, i think its from all the sugar ive been having over christmas,as ive also broken out in quite a few spots than normal.

But how do i get rid of it, while af is around!?! I normally get the oral tablet, but doc said not to take that when ttc, so to use a pessary. But hows that going to work when af is around!! Dont think i could wait till af has gone!!

Any help would be much appreciated im sure i cant be the only one this has happened to!! I hope??!

Thanks x


  • Hi are u full flow? Could u try the tampon dipped in yoghurt? The pessarie may still work. How did u get on last cycle with ur luteal phase? For the 2nd mth in a row I started bleeding at 8dpo! Argh! So annoying! Xx
  • I'd ring your health centre and see if you can ask a doctor or nurse.
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