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Positive on OPK but Neg on CB Ovulation - Help Please

Hi Ladies,

With my DS I used my CBFM however I lent it to my cousin who still hasnt fallen in 2 years and I dont have the heart to ask for it back.

Soooo I am trying OPK this month. I brought tesco 7 day OPK and Clearblue Ovulation Kit.

Yesterday I got Neg on Both,

This morning I go a good line on OPK (strong line but not quite as strong as control line)

Negative on CBOK

I know people will say just BD anyhow but my OH is really awkward at times especially if I done get a pos for 6 days he wont want to BD all the time.

Do you always get a line on OPK? Is it obvious when it is OV time? how many days does it take your OVK's to go from a good line to a really dark one?

I am CD10.....


  • it might be that you get a smiley tomorrow, i know unlike the sticks with lines the CB are + or -
  • I agree with PP. If you had to bd one or the other (and I know the feeling - we have to be a bit choosy about when we BD!) I'd wait til tomorrow where I expect you'll get a + on your digis x
  • Ah love you girls for understanding!! Might BD as it is NYE and all haha but OH dropped the bombshell he would like to wait until March before trying now grrrrr
  • Ooooh in that case lady I'd definitely go for a NYE BD! x
  • So would I!!!

    Especially seeing as I'm due to ov in the next few days so we can be 2ww buddies!!

    Good luck!
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