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smep. anyone with me?

have decided to get serious this month and we are doing the smep whether hubby likes it or not :lol: cd 9 for me today of a random length cycle, so we kicked off last night. anyone else smeping this month?


  • Yes we are going to give it a go also! we too started off last night and tonight hopefully....haha but we get to CD 14 and run out of steam and I am convinced I ov about CD16 but then dont want to miss it if I ov early 'just in case' hahahaha
  • Well after your post on fb yesterday I went and googled and think this is pretty much what we've been doing too! So i'll be joining you image xx
  • I might give it a whirl. I'm a bit like ladyk - I run out of energy! :roll:
  • Anyone seen it recommended to take cough medicine ('expectorant' not 'antihistimine' ones) when ov which helps to think cm and hopefully makes it easier for the little swimmers to get through?
  • I had heard that somewhere. Think it might be a bit controversial though (can't remember why! It either can prevent implantation or isn't recommended for used in pregnancy or something!). EPO and grapefruit is supposed to increase cm I think x
  • It was to help ttc, they say if your plan does not work for a couple of months then '...take a dose of plain Robitussin cough syrup (or any cough medicine that says "expectorant" and NOT "antihistamine") each day (preferably a few hours prior to "trying") starting around Day 10 until the day after your ovulation predictor goes off. It should help make all the mucus in your body runnier, including that produced by your cervix.'.
  • We SMEP-ed last month and I got my BFP, it defintely works!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And when you are running out of steam (for us was day three of the three in a row!!), grit your teeth, focus forward and maintain the pace!! image

    Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!
  • i told my husband that he had to put more effort in this month. i said i know he's tired and has a low drive but he has to take one for the team. :lol: he's on board, but again he might lose interest at around cd 20. hopefully i'll ov at a reasonable point! :roll:
  • haha Renee, 'take one for the team' that made me laugh! Good Luck hon. XX

  • it made him laugh too. which is good, as he thinks he can relax a bit before the pressure is on in about 6 days!
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