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O/T..just wondered what everyone is doing tonight?

Hi ladies as the title says o/t but just wondered what everyone is doing tonight for new year?O/h and i havent got any plans so looks like we'l be staying in at the monent,think we may have some family coming round..all i can think of at the mo is whether af is going to show this month and i really hope not agghh!Af is due a week today for me,really hope she doesnt show :? Good luck to anyone else waiting on the witch hope she stays away and we get lots of bfp for the new year!x


  • We're staying in too. Just having some nice food, wine and a bit of TV action. Here's to lots of 2011 BFPs! Cheers! xxx
  • My 9 month old DS has a vomiting bug so we'll be staying in too! Not that I'd be going out anyway, I hate the while busyness of NYE and how expensive it is to go out! Think me and Hubby will be just be ordering a pizza hut, having a glass of wine, and watching tv lol!! Oh what an exciting life I lead x
  • we are going to the pub but I will be on water lol xx
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