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Advice/opinions needed please . . .

Hubby and I were set on trying for a baby this year, probably around May/June time. I've been broody for a while now but we wanted to sort some of our debt out which we have done a bit of now.

He will be working away for a couple of months soon and then we have a holiday in June so were going to start TTC in between these.

However, in the meantime a new role has become available at work that I would love to go for but will this then mean having to delay TTC? :?

The job I do now is ok, money is not bad but I'm not massivley happy doing it but it is something I could come back to part time whereas the new role would be a great new challenge but longer hours and more pressure but a LOT more money and not sure if it would be suitable as a part time role after having a baby. . . please can anyone offer their opinions as some impartial outside advice might just help me think more clearly - fingers crossed! image


  • why would the new role not be possible to do part time?

    there is no guarantee that any position will get part time hours (i presume, i don't know what job you do).

    I would bear in mind the fact that extra money will come in really handy with a new baby. Plus it may take a while to actually get pregnant so you might be in your new position longer than you think before you have to consider maternity and part time working.

    I don't think the new role means you have to delay TTC.

    Good luck!
  • I think that sometimes it feels like there's never a right time, there's always the next promotion, or house move or whatever. The job sounds interesting and you'll be in it a while before you go on mat leave even if you conceive straight away
  • Hi and thanks for your replies.

    I work in admin at the moment and am office based whereas this other role will involve travelling all over the country. It has been expressed by the manager of that team that they want someone full time and that this is unlikely to change.

    I'm kind of having to work to the assumption that I would get the new job and then that I would conceive straight away - neither of these are guaranteed of course. I've been broody for so long I'm reluctant to delay TTC much longer but would feel awful if I was only in the new role for a couple of months and then announced I was PG . . . :?

    **Edited for pants spelling!**
  • Hi, this does sound confunsing.

    I think you've just got to think about what woud make you the happiest. The other girls are right though, you may not conceive straight away and even if you did you would have a while left to work before mat leave. Do they offer any sort of flexible hours for people who go back after mat leave? I personally would probably go for it just to see what happens, after all if you knew by the time you were offered the role you were pregnant then you could always turn it down.

  • Hi sorry for GC from trying for a baby

    I can sort of understand you dilemma my current contract ends this summer so I'm job hunting. I understand the feeling about just starting a job then going announcing your expecting. But I thought what if I don't look for something new and don't get pg, then I'll feel like I should have looked.

    You also need to ask yourself the question if I pass up this opportunity and then (God forbid) it takes years for you to conceive. Will you regret it?

    sorry to play devils advocate, but it's something you need to at least think about.
  • Hi Redrose

    I am sort of in the same dilemna. Hubby and I have actually been TTC since August last year and I have been PG 3 times but sadly MC each time. All of which were straight after one another. I am now waiting for my first true period in months and we decided that we should wait at least a month to let my body get back to normal.

    However, a job has come up at work which I have wanted to do for sometime. With me it is career development and I won't get a payrise but it is a fantastic opportunity. The only problem is, if I do get the job, I know it could be six months until I start it and then I wouldn't want to get PG straight away so I am thinking I would have to wait at least 9 months to a year before TTC'ing again.

    My husband is happy for me to develop my career and wait for a baby but I am so desperate to have a baby especially after the last six months' experiences. I will be 33 in two months and although this is not old to have a baby, I don't want to keep putting it off.

    I gather from what you have said that the job is within the same company? In which case, at least you know the maternity package is sorted and you don't have to get past the initial probationary period. My main reservations are down to feeling guilty about leaving them in the lurch, if I am lucky enough for them to give me the opportunity but, at the end of the day, I work to live and not the other way around, so it's all about me!

    I have decided to leave it to fate. I have applied for the job and if I get it then we will see how things go before deciding when to try again. If I don't get it, then it's BD'ing all the way!!!

    I say apply for the job and see what happens. If you get the job and fall pregnant, I am sure the joy it will bring you will cancel out any guilt you may have felt. As for part time working when you come back from maternity, you can worry about so much for the future. I wouldn't worry so much about that now. Like the other girls have said, it may take time to get pregnant (hopefully not) and then you will get the joy of being in the job you want for some time. When you return to work they have a duty to provide a role for you whether that be the same role, in which case you could end up back in the same job as you are now but at least you would have had the opportunity to do the other job.

    Good luck and sorry for the long waffling post xxx
  • I liked what someone else said about trying to decide if you would regret it, if you didn't go for the new job. Something else to consider is change. This could be stressful for you. They say that even good things can be stressful. I would consider if I would regret letting the opportunity pass, but also what if you got pregnant. Would the new job be too stressful for your pregnancy?
  • I'm sort of in the same position as I'm looking for a new post coz the mat cover I'm doing comes to an end in April, and as soon as I know I've got a permanant job we want to start TTC. I've been knocked back that many times that I've decided to put us first and that includes a baby. I know I'm only 26, but I've made the sacrifice of coming off skin meds to start TTC, and I need to put what will make me happy first for once. There will always be another job, another way of making money, another time to change career, but there will never be the perfect time for baby making, so we're just gonna go for it! x
  • Thanks so much for the replies ladies, helps to get some perspective. I'm a born worrier so need to calm myself down! :lol:

    MrsM - I actually kind of breached "protocol" and spoke to a colleague who advised me to just apply and see what happens. She also said that that dept. would probably be flexible with regards to coming back to work so fingers crossed.

    As Clalee said if I don't try I might regret it soooo . . . I have applied for it. There'll be a probabtion period and out TTC plans are still in place so guess we'll have to see what fate decides! image

    Davinia - The new job may well be stressful but hey ho, what can you do? ha ha ha - I'll have to get on with it (if I get it that is!)

    Gingerpoodle, I hope you're ok and I'm so sorry for your sadness in the past. I hope you get to be a mama really soon. Good luck for the new job too xx

    Gemster - good luck to you too hon, hope you get your BFP soon as possible.

    Thanks again ladies and baby dust to the ones that are TTC xx
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