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tough decision

i've got a really tough decision to make and would love your advice! me and my doh have been planning to try for a baby but we have also been planning to get married, the only thing is we cant decide which to do first. we were planning on getting married christmas this year or june next year. i cant wait to be his wife but i cant wait to have another baby! what would you do? :?


  • That's a tough one, I think only you can answer that. I got married July 08, then had my baby Nov 09, but that's purely because I wanted to be married first. There's also no way we could afford a wedding post-baby, but that's just us! I guess it depends on loads of factors, sorry that's not much help! Would it be something you could do once another baby had arrived? It's so tough, but you've already got the world's most massive commitment! Could you have another, then still get married next June? image
  • we're getting married in May, and are ttc number 2 just now. I decided i would be quite happy to have a bump at the wedding if we get lucky image we're keeping the cost of the wedding down, but hopefully not skimping on everyone's enjoyment of the day!

    it really does depend which you want to do first, or would you get rolling with both at the same time? are there any other factors which could have an impact? (my oh is not from this country so that's something we had to consider when planning when to get married for his visa to still be valid etc).

    sorry not much help either I'm sure, but good luck whatever you decide I'm sure it will be right

  • I would get married and let nature take its course with getting pregnant. Some women get pregnant fast and some don't.
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