Trying for a baby in 2010?

If trying for a baby is on your to do list for 2010 MFM would love to hear about any lifestyle changes or resolutions you and your partner are planning to make to help those conception fairies work their magic! Whether it's giving up alcohol or smoking, or taking up exercise, please let us know your conception tips...


  • hi
    i have been ttc for nearly 5 years now but this year am giving up smoking and on a healthy eating the only advise i can give is dont dwell on something that has not happened yet enjoy what you have also last year i let it take over my life and made myself ill cuz of so dont let it rule your life it will happen when it happens hope this si of some help
  • I'm still ttc after 16mths,can't say there will be massive changes,but to echo Jade,this is the year I stop letting it rule my every waking thought.
  • we need to stick to it too xx
  • Easier said than done eh hun x I am determined this year tho.
  • Good luck to you all,I really really hope it happens for you soon.
  • me too, loadsa baby dust to you!!!!image
  • Hi Celia i think the best way to conceive is to try and be as relaxed about it as you can.As the others have said don't let it dictate your life as believe me it can become an obsession.My husband and i have been trying to conceive for 12months and have had 2 miscarriages which has been completly heartbreaking.Its been so hard not to let it consume me as its on my mind all the time which makes me stressed and just adds to the differculty of getting pregnant.

    My son was conceived within a couple of months, i was so relaxed then because we just thought lets have fun trying and im sure thats why i got pregnant quickly.Stress plays a big part of it but after trying for a long time and not succeeding its impossible not to let it bother you!

    Good luck to all who are trying to conceive.

    Jayne x x

  • HI,

     We decided that we are going to start trying for a baby this month. I am overweight and although I lost 2 stone for our wedding in December I have put it back on.

    However I have gone bk to my weightwatchers plans and started counting points again so I can lose weight.

    I really want to be a mum. I lost my mum when I was 21, my dad 6 months later and my now husband was a rock for me.

     The only problem I think I will have is my weight, but I am determined to do this. We've even bought an ovulation testing kit so we know when is the best time to conceive!

     So here's hoping!!!

  • Hello,

    I am not yet ttc but have lost 1.5 stone so far and hoping to try once I have lost another 0.5-1 stone. 

    I already have one son who is 2, it took me five years to concieve him, I lost weight, put weight on, tried to be healthy.  Eventually went to the doctors, all fine with me, martin started having tests and I fell pregnant the one month that i really didnt think I would as we had both been poorly and to be honest didnt get around to trying very much that month. I had really resigned myself to the fact that month i wouldnt and I did and hear that so much so ditto what they said above - try not to let it consume your life and try not to think and worry about it too much as then it seems to be more difficult.  easier said than done though.

     Good luck to all ttc......  there are a couple of girls in  my office really ttc one has just started ivf.   We seem to have had a lot of babies in this office in the past couple of years and another lady has announced she is pregnant.

  • Hi    We've been ttc for nearly 2 years now and it does take over your life . I try to relax every month but as soon as I think I am ovulating I seem to go into hyper drive . We have a 2 and a half year old little girl and I love been a mummy . My problem is that I feel time is running out . I'm 39 already  . I wish it would just happen .x
  • Hi

    I am trying to relax and will be taking pregnancy vitami supplements as soon as they arrive.  I will also be careful with my diet making sure I have a good balance of nutritious food and cutting out a lot of the bad fats and sugars.  (If nothing else I will lose the few extra pounds I have!) image

     We are both hoping to get more exercise and stop our jobs giving us so much stress.

    I suffer with Endometriosis so I know getting pg sooner will be better for me as waiting a long time off the pill gives more chance of it recurring and causing more pain as it does - still we are positive and hoping to be as chilled as possible.

     For anyone who is interested my gynaecologist has told me 80% of couples will conceive within a year and 90% within 2 years.  It is at the 2 year stage that you should seek some advice on conceiving from your doctor so long as you have really been trying hard.  Don't want to scare anyone and it can take longer and you still be completely fertile but this is when you can talk it through and they won;t think you are jsut impatient! lol

    Good luck all!

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