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having my implant out!

thats it, i've made the decision as the doh has left it to me! i've just booked to have my implanon implant taken out so we cant start ttc! we are due to get married june next year but i'm not sure weather or not to stop trying after about may if we've not already caught so i've not got a huge bump when i get married. so excited! here's hoping we get bfp soon!


  • Good luck- how did you find your implant can I ask? I am considering having one after no.2 comes!

    I guess you just have to consider how you woud feel about being PG on your wedding day. I don't think it would bother me particularly, I would just take it as it comes

    A friend of a friend of mine was TTC for quite some time, and her and her OH decided to get married and then do the tests afterwards. Once they stopped trying she became PG and is getting married next month, at 6 months with twins! She is currently looking for a new dress funnily enough x
  • i don't think i'd mind being pregnant when i get married but we were planning on doing it abroad so if i did get pg i would need to either time it so i could still fly or do it over here.

    to answer your question about the implant, i found it really good. i was always terrible at remembering to take my pill and it stopped my periods, i've only had 2 very light periods in a year. i've not suffered with any mood swings and not put on any extra weight(christmas binges not included!) :lol:

    but from my experience i would recommend it. the nurse who put it in was really good.the needle looks huge but they numb your arm first so you dont feel a thing. when its in your arm you can only feel it when you run your finger over it, otherwise you cant tell its in. image
  • Hmm difficult one if you are planning on doing it overseas. I guess the first step would be to talk to the agent about how much you would lose should you need to cancel.

    I flew with Easyjet when I was PG to Portugal and it was fine. I was 7 months so needed a doctors note for both ways (can fly up to 28 weeks, then up to 35 with a note. You need to have a note dated within 5 days of the flight so I had to get one for both ways for a week away- ??25 way there and ???????91 way back)x
  • we've got the wedding planned so we know what we want but because its abroad we cant book it until 11 months in advance so we have got a bit of time to play with, if i do get pregnant and find it might be difficult to travel we can find a nice venue over here i suppose. just got to wait and see i guess.i'm just so impatient, i really cant wait to be his wife but i cant wait to have another baby either! image
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