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I wont be getting a valentines bfp

the witch got me this morning :cry:

Really thought we had done it this month

On a good note my cycle was only 33days long rather than the 43 and 47 days I had previously

My dilema now is I never wanted a baby near christmas so we may need to hold off ttc for a few months :cry:



  • aw sorry to hear she got you :evil:

    are you really determined not to have a baby near christmas? My oh's birthday is the 18th December and while it did p!$$ him off a bit when he was younger, he reckons it's not too bad really! but he's just one person.....

    maybe if you hold off on actively ttc but not try to prevent it iyswim, then that'll be how it happens image

    good luck anyway

  • I replied on the other thread but sorry to hear the witch got you. DH's birthday is 21st December and he doesn't find it to be a big deal xx
  • sorry the witch got you. my daughters birthday is 19th december never really bothered her shes 15 now x
  • thanks for replying

    eating my chocolate now!

    I know it makes no odds to child having a birthday near christmas. Its because my daughters birthday is in January and what with christmas too we already find it an expensive time of year.

  • Thanks Libby x
  • I see what you mean it could all get a bit expensive! hadn't considered that....

    good luck anyway whatever you decide to do xx
  • Hi Fiona86,

    I've seen u post on one of the other threads that I am on too. I've out this month and my cycles went from 40 days to 34 so I was pleased like youimage

    Have you been taking anything to shorten ur cycles? I have been taking b6 this month but I thought it only helped to lengthen your LP not shorten your cycle? Does anyone know?

    How long have you been TTC? When we first started TTC(5 months ago) I didnt want a Xmas baby but because its taking longer than I first thought I'd be happy just to get pregnant! Babydust to you for next month x
  • hiya loopy,

    Ive never considered taking anything to shorten my cycles before and have no idea what vitamin does what!

    Going by the ewcm and sharp pain I had on cd24 I have worked out that my LP was only 9day long, this has got me worried as Ive read a short LP reduces chances?

    I stopped the pill in sep so Im now on cycle 4. It took us 12months to conceive last time and im really hoping it doesnt take that long again.

    good luck to you hun x image
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