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I know you can't clean up cat poo while pg but what about..........

snake poo??

It just came to me today!! I have a pet snake and ttc from 7th of Feb. Normally I feed her and clean her cage out and hubby gives her water. I'm also the one who holds her.

I know you can't clean up after a cat while ttc or pg so it made me wonder.

PS: She is a corn snake, 5 ft long, extremely placid and will be kept away from baby dont worry!!! :lol:


  • I'm not sure, but I think it is more to do with cats going outside and being picking up toxoplasmosis and then passing it through poo. So on that basis I'd assume it's fine to clean snake poo, but perhaps someone else will know for certain!
  • I agree with MrsP. I think you can clear up cat poo with gloves on (although not positive - would be something I'd want to check with the doctor as we have 2 cats) so I guess it'd be fine it you wear gloves. Otherwise its a good excuse to get your hubby to do the cleaning!
  • the cat poo thing is to do with toxoplasma, very bad for unborn babies. I wore gloves when pg last time while cleaning their tray (we have 2 as well)

    to be honest though all poo has loads of bugs in it, so I would probably just be very careful, wear gloves, wash your hands thoroughly afterwards etc

    or just get hubby to do it :lol:
  • I do think you have to be careful with reptiles and babies in general though. I was in a local exotic animal shop while pregnant and I was going on at OH to buy me a baby tortoise, and the man who runs it advised not to get one until DD is two. Something to do with how the process their food? x
  • Im not sure about snake poo but think the other ladies right. Have to say though i have a dog and hubby thought i was not allowed to pick our dogs poop up and it never occurred to me to tell him that i could, lol :lol:
  • You can clean up cat litter!

    When I was pregs with dd I mentioned it to my MW and she said that if you had a cat for awhile (and clean uped after them) you would've built up the antibodies...

    I cleaned the litter box all 9 months :x

    I thought I could get out of it :x
  • Don't say that canuckmom, I was hoping once we start TTC I'd be able to get out of it :lol:

    Saying that I'm fairly lucky and we take it in turns anyway.

    happysausage I may try convince him I can't clean up after the dog either, we shall see. I bet he doesn't believe me! :lol:

    MrsM xx
  • to be honest i would not risk it. my aunt is also a mw and has seen the outcome of someone who did continue to clean out her cat litter trays and the baby was born all floppy. get hubbies to do it...i wouldnt risk any poos!!!!!

  • hehe does that mean that hubby has to do all nappy changes too? dont think i can get away with that tho! lol x
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