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Do you ever only get 1 pos ov?

I used to use CBFM when ttc for DS1 but now I am using CBOv stick this month before dusting the CBFM off.

I got my smiley face yesterday and BD yesterday but no smiley face today :cry: ....DH is working today so no real chance of BDing.......

Is one pos ov normal. I was looking on FF and it says that if I had my serge yesterday then chances are I have OV in theory yesterday's BD wasnt the optimum BD ahhhhhhhhhhhh


  • Yes - you usually only get one.

    Yesterdays BD was actually perfect because you want the swimmers in position, ready and waiting for the egg to be released. BDing on the day of OV can be too late because you don't know what time you OV'd. It might have been in the morning and if you don't BD until the evening, the swimmers haven't got time to get up the fallopian tube to the egg.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Hiya, I agree with Monkey_nuts, bd'ing when you did is perfect. The best way to conceive is to have some sperm 'waiting' for when you ovulate. You can get more than 1 positive though as the lh surge can last for 2 days before you ovulate, depending on what time of day you test. Quite often i've had a positive 2 days on the run, however when you've got a positive you don't need to test again xx
  • Ooooh thanks ladies, gives me a glimmer of hope. I thought ttc number 2 would be less anxious as I knew what to expect. The first 4 months were ok as we had LO bday, our wedding,xmas, holiday. We were hoping to catch in that time to avoid the anxiety but hey ho....
  • Hope it works this month for you.
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