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MUST resist the POAS urge!!!!

I think I am 10 dpo today going off my ewcm.....but I have no idea really as I was a nice relaxed calm girl this month and didnt temp or OPK.

I think I am due on Wed next - but the urge is building up to POAS - I have one cheapie test in the cupboard and I thought they were all gone!!!

My test day is going to be Thurs if AF doesnt show her face before then......last month I think I had tested about 4 times by now! I just cant help myself

Anybody else testing this week and trying not to test early? image


  • Hi joyc6563,

    I'm with you testing this month, AF is due round tue/wed, so if no sign by thur i'll do a test then. Thats if i can wait till then!!

    Fingers crossed for you

  • Good luck to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't say try and hold out as that would be totally hypocritical of me as I never hold out! It's just so hard, especially if you have one in the house as I did. So whenever you decide to test GOOD LUCK!! Keeping everything crossed for you both xx
  • Hi Joy, you dont have long to wait....I would try my best to hold off as long as you can. I know its hard pet especially when that lonely wee test is calling your name. Im keeping my fingers crossed this is your month pet. We definately all need some good news here.

    Loads of love Tracy xxx
  • Hey hold off if you can then buy in bulk if your late i bought one test thinking no way and it was positive i was gutted i had no more just to check lol) i did SEVEN tests in the end 2CBD and 5 normal then the one i done at GUM clinic (needed someone else to tell me) and the doc when he confirmed it lol! All im saying is have mre than one test as i just kept wanting to see the line image Plus makes it more accurate i waited util 3 days after my perio shud have arrived image Was aiming for but caved so i do know how hard it is image Wishing you all the luck in the world whenever you test image

  • I caved at 2pm yesterday - I am so hopeless and it was a BFN.

    Still hoping though........when will I learn?!

    x :roll:
  • Oh Joy, so sorry you got that awful BFN. Im not trying to build your hopes up, but your not due for another day or 2. Stranger things have happened. If you are a few days late, then retest. If not, you know where we all are. Thinking of you xxx
  • Hi Joy, sorry you got a BFN, but could be just early days. I know how hard it is to resist POAS. With my DD I tested when AF was due and got a BFN, tested 3 days later and got my BFP, so hang on in there. Take care, xx
  • thanks girls trying my best!

    one of my best mates rang me this evening to say she is 13 weeks - I am made up for her I really am but cant help but wish so much it was our turn!

    it isnt over til the witch arrives! x
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