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How long after stopping the pill did AF come?

I was just wondering how long everyone took, probably to make me feel a bit better really.

Stopped taking the pill about 6 weeks ago, (didnt accurately take the date) as was planning on leaving it a few months off the pill before ttc and thought would start counting from day 1 of period.

Anyhow, I had a very light withdrawal bleed and then after about 4 weeks had very apparent change in CM and got a positive OPK (although I understand this doesnt mean I actually ovulated) and then nothing since and I just wish AF would just hurry up and arrive!


  • I took my last pill on 7th October, didn't get a withdrawal bleed at all, then my first period arrived on 14th November. So I guess that makes it 38 days? x
  • hello,

    i came off my pill end of december 09, had my usual withdrawal bleed, then didnt have a proper AF until april 2010!!

    i went to the doctors as i was getting lots of pregnancy symptoms, but no bfp. i was worried about the time it was taking. he told me it was perfectly normal to have these symptoms and for it to take 6 months for first AF to arrive.

    so try not to worry, it will come when it wants to, in the meantime enjoy bd'ing image

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