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Caution being thrown... Hello everyone! to speak!

We're too late for this month, and we won't be trying too hard next month or the one after, but we are officially no longer actively avoiding getting pg, and April should bring our first 'proper' cycle of ttc #2. Eek! I can't believe hubby has finally convinced me, it's mad!

The thing I've mainly been wondering is, should I see the doc first? As we had a rough time with #1, is it best to see the doc about the risks that having another baby might present? Mainly with the birth and aftermath, if I'm honest, not with the main part of the pregnancy. I had a major let-down of a birth and forceps after a failed ventouse delivery, so had an episiotomy and would rather know beforehand if it's a dead cert I'll need another one. I'm concerned there's already a 'fault line' :lol:! I know docs are busy people, I don't want to ask stupid questions but then I don't want to be already pg with no way out if there's going to be probs, lol!

Right, now I've got that out in the open, I've got some weight to lose before April! Yay! A proper target!


  • i think if it would make you feel better about getting pregnant and put your mind at ease a bit more,then go to the doctors even if its just for a general MOT(so to speak, not suggesting your some kind of motor vehicle! lol)getting a check up can only be a good thing so you'll be a bit better prepared. i had a tough birth with my first and had to have an episiotomy and ventous delivery,with my second the birth went a lot more smoothly and no problems delivering,no tear or anything. so i don't think that because you had one first time round that it should indicate a 'fault line',thats just my opinion and like i say it wouldn't hurt to get a professionals opinion on it. hope it helps somehow. image
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