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Brown discharge before period

Hi, I have just had a Laproscopy nearly 4 weeks ago and they said everything was fine. I am now due on my period in the next day or 2 and have been through my usual PMT but no pain which I usually suffer from quite badly.

Today I went to the toilet and found a dark brown discharge on my towel and have read that this can be a symptom of pregnancy but I am skeptical as I have tried for years and not been able to conceive as of yet.

Does anyone have any similar experiences and could shed some light on this for me?

I know ill probably come on my period in the next few days but thought i'd get an early perspective on my situation.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    I usually get brownish spotting for a few days before my period starts. However this month I got some on 7dpo and 8dpo, so I thought my period was coming early, however on 9dpo it just stopped and went away and today at 11dpo I got my BFP.

    So if you don't usually get spotting before a period it could be a good sign of implantation.

    Fc for you. Xxx
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